Eusalp Football Tournament, today’s results

Liguria is a candidate for the final: Trentino raises the white flag

Nothing to do even in the second match of the Under 16 Representative of the Autonomous Provincial Committee of Trento, who in the second day of the Eusalp International Tournament was defeated by the Regional Representative of Liguria.
The difference that arose in the synthetic Comano Terme between the two teams is rather marked, which on the other hand can boast of very different areas of influence when it comes to finding talent to launch in competitions such as the one that s ‘is taking place at the Giudicarie.

Both coaches change a bit from the debut, but the inertia of the game immediately smiles on the Ligurians, who in the first game had won the selection of Bolzano 2-0.
With less than 8 minutes played, the home side managed to get a 1 – 0 lead as Di Fino flipped the ball in after a cross from the right.
Trentino’s reaction is immediate, but Atta does not arrive in time for Rossi’s invitation.
Here, then, is that Odo’s team is on the rise and – after missing some good opportunities with Panariello and Lemus – finds the double with Corengia: the 7th, well fed by Lemus, has no difficulty penetrating the defense of Trentino and get involved.

In the second part the music does not change, with Di Fino and Ferretti Incerti playing the Ligurian trio.
When the rout seems to be in the air, Trentino’s goal comes like a ray of blue: center of the newcomer Grossi, Bugli touches his hand and from the point the other newcomer Gobbi feeds the hopes of Grandi’s team.
However, the euphoria in the house of Trentino did not last long, because a minute later on the other front Federico Sciaccaluga fell in the area and Caresia again pointed to the point, from which Corengia was frozen .
The same advice then takes the luxury of signing the personal trio with a comfortable tap-in that seals the 1 to 4 that will remain the final result.
In the last twenty minutes, in fact, the heat, fatigue and lack of clarity are the masters, with Trentino Kukic repeating in the last bars the last good opportunity to change the score.

The match report

CPA TRENTO: Bertolini, Rossi, Rigatti, Toffanetti (1st Miola), Madau, Ciurletti (10th Pellegrini), Puzic (10th Gobbi), Ischia (10th Grossi), Slongo (1st Kukic), Atta (22’pt Sartori), Gjoni. Coach: Athos Grandi.
CR LIGURIA: Grenna (20’st Mazzola), Di Fino, Cavallaro, Ferretti Incerti (10’st Corazza), Sciaccaluga G., Sciaccaluga F., Bugli (25’st Parodi), Insolito (20’st Savastano), Panariello (10 ) ‘st Caceres Torres), Lemus (23’ Dedja), Corengia (21 ‘Traverso). Coach: Dario Oddone.
REFEREE: Caresia di Trento (Nisi i Sacquegna di Trento).
NETS: 8’pt Panariello (L), 16’pt, 14’st rig. and 19th Corengia (L), 13th platform. Gobbi (T).
NOTE: Gjoni, Ischia (D) and Grenna (L) are cautioned. Corner Trento 2, Liguria 6. Discount time 1 ‘+ 4’.

So in the other fields
In the other Group B match, Lombardia, beating the South Tyrolean team 3-1, responded promptly to Liguria, with which access to the final will always be played in Comano Terme, while the regional derby planned in Tione will define third and fourth. of the grouping.
In Group A, on the other hand, the cavalcade of the Representative of the National Amateur League continues, beating Bavaria with the most classic of results; the difference between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia is identical, being the representative of the LND, which in the last comparison, however, will be able to play two out of three results, being the only team in the group with full points.

Results of the second day
Men in group A: Friuli-Venezia Giulia – Veneto 0-2, Bavaria – Representative LND 0-2
Ranking: Representative LND 6, Veneto 4, Bavaria 1, Friuli-Venezia Giulia 0
Group B men: Trentino – Liguria 1-4, Lombardy – South Tyrol 3-1
Ranking: Lombardy and Liguria 6, South Tyrol and Trentino 0

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