Cors, Palio dell’Oca i el Veni Creator al Duomo

The program for the third day of the Vigiliane Festival

Third day of the Vigiliane Festival, the event in honor of the patron saint of the city of Trento organized by the Centro Servizi Culturali S. Chiara in collaboration with the ProLoco Centro Storico Trento for some of the most popular events.
After the Historical Parade and the Court of Penance, the day of the long-awaited Palio dell’Oca has finally arrived on the banks of the Adige.
But before you find out which crew will succeed, you can choose from a wide range of proposals that will enliven the city and the suburbs of Trento.
The program on Sunday 19 June starts at 9 am with the Farmers’ Market and activities for families, created in collaboration with Coldiretti Trento, which will offer its stands along via Belenzani and in the courtyard of Palazzo Thun .
And from Via Belenzani you only have to go a few steps further and reach Piazza Duomo by the Corte dei Mastri created in collaboration with the Trentino Craftsmen’s Association.

In the afternoon the Organ Walks proposed by the Organ Association return Renato Lunelli. At 4.30 pm, the PONENTE’S ORGANIC WALK will leave Sopramonte with the participation of Stefano Rattini (organ).
Then, the ‘walk’ will continue in Sardinia with Simone Vebber (organ), ending in Baselga del Bondone with the organ performance of Tarcisio Battisti and the Calceranica Polyphonic Choir on the Lake.
The Federation of Choirs of Trentino, on the other hand, offers an afternoon in the company of some of the protagonists of the choral singing of Trentino: at 5 pm, the voices of the Choir will resound in the Bay of S. Lorenzo. Items in agreement de Povo and the Antares de Taio Polyphonic Choir.
The Sant’Elena di Cadine Choir, the Campotrentino Choir (Trento) and the Trentino Alpine Choir of Gardolo will perform in Piazza Lodron from 6 pm.

And after having made a necessary stop in the neighborhood of S. Martino with the emotions provided by the CARAVAN OF ARTISTS (in collaboration with Anima Mundi Creativity Factory), all that remains is to immerse yourself in an experience absolutely to try with the DARK ON THE. ROAD (AbilNova Cooperativa Sociale-formerly AbC IRIFOR del Trentino), tasting the products of the Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti, completely immersed in darkness.
There is no denying that on Sunday 19 June the wait will go largely to the PALIO DELL’OCA. Revised and proposed again in a modern way, the exciting challenge of the raft returns to the banks of the Adige River among the representatives of the districts and suburbs of Trento.

47 competing crews, including last year’s winners, Spini di Gardolo, each made up of six disguised drummers, who will have to pass nine skill tests in the shortest possible time.
Among the novelties of this year is the reinstatement of the coupling, which in the previous edition had been withdrawn instead.
Finally, as always, the Palio dell’Oca will have the support of the 2nd Regiment of Engineers of the Alpine Brigade “Julia” which will provide the assets for water rescue, cooperating in synergy with the Permanent Corps of Firefighters-Trento and with the Union of Volunteer Fire Brigade of the District of Trento, and under the coordination of Trentino Wild – Rescue Project.
Francesca Merz and Simone Villotti will comment on the race.

At around 8.15 pm, the Adige River will once again be the protagonist with one of the most anticipated moments of the Vigil Festival, La Tonca.
From the bridge of Sant Llorenç, the judge who presided over the Court will look from the traditional tower to read the much feared sentence. Who knows who this year will be symbolically immersed in the cold waters of the Adige River.

The afternoon of Sunday, June 18 will continue with many appointments between music and beauty. At 20.30 the Concert of Sacred Music will take place in the Church of S. Francesco Saverio (in collaboration with the Regional Festival of Sacred Music), that will take place the participation of the ensemble Cappella Rupertina and Guido Pellizzari (harpsichord, organ and direction) in an evening dedicated to the motets for Cardinal Madruzzo.
At the same time, the stage of the Teatro Capovolto in Piazza Cesare Battisti will offer an evening in the company of some of the protagonists of Trentino choral singing, in collaboration with the Trentino Choral Federation. The vocal group Voci Ignote (Trento), the choir Roen (Don) and the choir Highlight (Pergine Valsugana) will take part.
And at 9.30 pm we will move to the Piazza Fiera Arena for the election of Miss Vigiliane TRENTO, in collaboration with Soleo Show: 15 girls will compete for the coveted title that will lead the winner to be the godmother of the Vigiliane Festival.
The evening, presented by Sonia Leonardi, will also feature the participation of television noise producer Alberto Caiazza.
In the end, it will be the turn of the Degli Zattterieri Prize.

A full program of events that will culminate at 9.30 pm with an unmissable show, which after six years will once again inhabit the extraordinary “stage” of Trento Cathedral. The Veni Creator will be staged from the Cathedral of S. Vigilio (Duomo).
Trento and the Council: history, music and images, a project whose artistic coordination is in charge of Cristina Pietrantonio.
The altar of Trento Cathedral will then be transformed into a stage, the nave will be an audience, the austere roof that hides the presbytery in sight to restore it will become a theatrical backdrop to an event of history, spirituality, music and video that will tell the Council from an unusual perspective of educational entertainment.

The historical, cultural and economic premises that led to the Council, shaking the Europe of the sixteenth century and influencing its structure to this day, are explained by the historian Carlo Andrea Postinger in an exciting and spectacular multimedia conference enriched by the presence of the actor Alessio Dalla. Costa, who presents testimonies of the time, from the voices of the singers of the vocal group Laurence Feininger accompanied on the organ by Stefano Rattini, the lights of Marco Comuzzi, the beautiful iconographic research that has selected images, cycles of frescoes, maps. , iconography, old prints and documents relating to the Council of Trent and the historical period.

The video sets, created by Stefano Benedetti, will accompany the audience on an immersive and emotional journey through the virtual environments, especially reconstructed, in the dynamic sequences of the battles acquired and reworked from historical films with the aim of reviving the scenarios and atmospheres that characterized that period.
A choral work, curated by the director Cristina Pietrantonio, which was published in 2016 requiring many months of work and which owes much to the availability and valuable suggestions of Bishop Lodovico Maule, Dean of the Chapter of the Cathedral and many realities institutional (such as the Diocesan Museum of Trento and the Castle of Buonconsiglio) and private (including the Lunelli family), which were made available to support its realization.
Participation in the show is free with limited admission.
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