Chieti Calcio, presentation of the Centenary Festival


Last updated: Friday, June 17, 2022 at 6:50 p.m.

The Administration and the Committee: “A party that will unite the whole city. Musical events dedicated to Danny Manzo “

Quiet. A day at the Centenary Festival on Saturday 18 June, an event that will unite the whole city, because it starts from the Angelini Stadium, which culminates in Piazza Malta with a musical animation dedicated to Danny Manzo, the drummer who grew up in Chieti, who died prematurely yesterday due to an illness. This morning the presentation in the Municipality with the organizers of the Committee of the Centenary of Chieti Calcio, the Deputy Mayor Paolo De Cesare, the Councilor for Sports Manuel Pantalone, the former footballer Stefano Sgherri, Emanuele La Plebe Cellini, of the events.

“It will be a party for the city and full of colors that have made our hearts beat for a hundred years – so the Deputy Mayor Paolo De Cesare -, a long party that from Chieti Scalo will arrive in Malta Square, with a procession that will involve the Committee, athletes, fans and citizens.Thanks to the Committee that is doing important work for our colors, promoting the events of the centenary.The City Council is working to ensure the maximum success of the Festival, at a specific time as what we are experiencing, due to the corporate change that will have to get Chieti to maintain a position in the league and continue to grow, with the goal of bigger goals, as we all hope. “

“The party will be the symbol of a great team game, beautiful and important in the year of the centenary – so the Councilor for Sports Manuel Pantalone – as an Administration we have tried to do everything in our power to be part of the acts. Chieti is the heritage of our city and also from the latest corporate developments, beyond the direct responsibilities, we have felt a great responsibility in order to facilitate a path that leads to sports continuity. We are confident and optimistic, meanwhile the invitation is to enjoy this party together with the city. “

“We have found great support from the Administration because this event is organized by the committee and the Volpi curve – so the chairman of the committee Stefano Marchionno – It is essential to start with the old glories of theatrical football and beyond, at the stadium Angelini: from 4 pm the match, we will move to Piazza Valignani: at 19:22 (year of birth of Chieti Calcio) will begin the procession of the Volpi Curve, preceded by children and young people from the football schools of the Chieti Calcio Femení and the SSD Città di Chieti, which, along Corso Marrucino and Via Arniense, will take the greenbacks to Piazza Malta, and after the greetings of the Centenary Commission and the Volpi Curve, an award will be presented. to the ultra gangs that, for the last forty years, have never lacked support for the colors green and black, the old glories that have participated in. to Alexander Luciani, who died recently and the prize extracts made available to the organizers for the fans present in the square. From 9.30 pm, the Artists of Chieti will alternate on stage for Chieti, that is, 10 between musical groups and individual singers who have accepted the invitation of the Committee and Curpi Volpi and, under the artistic direction and direction of ‘Emanuele La Plebe, they played. until late at night. “

“Honored to be playing again with former teammates at the Angelini field,” said former footballer Stefano Sgherri, “a competition between old glories who took part in the professional championships between 2000 and 2001. The players who have so far confirmed their presence are: Gabriele Consorti, Gabriele Morganti, Mauro Picconi, Vincenzo Feola, Mimmo Presicci, Giovanni Pagliari, Emidio Sabatelli, Oscar Di Matteo, Emiliano Di Meo, Fabio Corneli, Antonio Lancioni, Arturo De Pedri, Roberto Santarelli, Alessandro Battisti, Fabio Grosso , Max Barni, Peppe Aquino, Maurizio Tacchi, Fabio Rutolo, Luca Alidori, Francesco Marchetti, Michele Padolecchia, Nicola Bellandrini, but also the sisters Giada and Giulia Di Camillo, pillars of Chieti Calcio for women, and so far Tony Giammarinaro and Alessandro Lucarelli The boys and girls of the city of Chieti and the women’s football school will go down to the grass at 4 pm, and the match will take place at 5 pm. We hope that with the presence of Fabio Grosso as well, the cup will be dedicated to the winner and then together we will open the procession to the party ”.

“The musical evening that will accompany the party in Malta Square will be dedicated to Danny Manzo – that’s why Emanuele La Plebe, who will be in charge of the animation – there are 35 artists, all from Teatina, there must also have been the Second Opera historical. battery group that died prematurely yesterday. It will be an evening with the heart in the center: we celebrate the colors that matter to us, but we will also remember a citizen, a person who grew up in the neighborhood of Santa Maria, also dedicating this party to Denny. We will open with the video he recorded before he fell ill, “You are there”, which will be followed by many musicians who wanted to be there to pay tribute to the cause of the centenary: Luca Luciani, Diego Regina, Tin Foil, Neb, Augusto. Ottaviano & Loriana Salamida, Giulia D’Orazio, Stefano Giannini & Cristiano Marrone, Les Sauvages, el Pentàgon, Giada Serraiocco, Alfonso Salvati. There will also be Marcella Di Pasquale, live from The Voice, who will be with me on stage and we will also have our DJ Giulio Bene. An evening dedicated to Chieti, to the musicians and people of Chieti, remembering him too ”.

“Artists of Chieti for Chieti and for the city, it will be a beautiful party – concludes councilor Valerio Giannini – an event that brings together all the active forces of the city, we will see a great synergy, even with the fans who are the motor, with the Centennial Events Commission, which with enthusiasm, passion, energy and the support of the Administration, will give meaning to this event “.

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