Cesare Cremonini and Euganeo’s 40,000: “Padua tonight you are my girl of the future”

Cesare Cremonini is the purest race of artist: a creator. Not just music, between very precise harmonies, hit melodies and chiseled lyrics like Fabergé’s eggsbut also of ideas, travels, emotions and, above all, of many, deep, memories.

Sold out

A song or a chorus, a verse recorded in memory or the sequence of notes that form a musical introduction become inseparable, inseparable from a memory, from a precise moment of one’s life, a clear flash (but sometimes in the opposite light), a face or a smile, a strong hug, a liberating cry or simply the purest joy. And of absolute joy, the one that makes the eyes shine like stars, There was a lot of Saturday night at the Euganeo in Padua. More than 40,000 people attended the Cremonini concert, girls and boys of all ages, families with children, many young people but also those who, already in the time of Lunapop, had mounted the “50 Special” and then traveled with the Caesar. through the streets of “Bagus” (2002), “Maggese” (2005)“The First Kiss on the Moon” (2008), “The Theory of Colors” (2012), “Logic” (2014), “Possible Scenarios” (2017) to “The Girl of the Future” (2022).

New concept

When the tour was planned for 2019, it was supposed to explain the first twenty years of a stellar career, in depth, destroyed and described in detail in the mega collection. “Cremonini 2C2C – The Best of”. Then, the black hole of the pandemic and, finally, the light of the live shows of 2022, illuminated by the new jewel “The girl of the future”, released in February. That’s why the live show in Padua (as for the rest of the stages of the tour that will close on July 2 with a very special date at the Imola racecourse) has evolved and transformed by designing a new concept which unites the three times of each life: past, present and future. A manifesto of intentions perfectly explained since the opening of the concert. Precisely at 9.10 pm, after the recorded intro of “Cercando Camilla”, now the charm of the luck of Cremonini’s tours, the first notes are of “The girl of the future”, Main theme of the last album. Outstanding, jacket with golden sequins, fireworks and confetti fountains, Cremonini is already on the platform that takes him for a walk on the heads of the audience, while the band plays behind him.

The time machine

“Good night Padua tonight you are my girl of the future, you are Padua, let me see your hands in the sky.” And you take a time machine to “PadreMadre” that comes straight from the solo debut “Bagus”, but stretched and colored with glam, it seems to come from the future. What you experience is not a concert that is just a musical pleasure. It is a live show that cannot ignore Cremonini’s skills as a performer, able to withstand a stage like few others in the world, and everything that can be perceived with the eyes. From the stage. Sixty-five meters in front with an extension of lights as high as a building, two side screens and, in the center, a huge screen that amplifies the idea of ​​being in a mammoth virtual theater. Of the twenty-four pieces of the formation, chosen from a repertoire built only with long sales destined to last over time (and not run out in a hot week of streaming), a volume of Treccani could be written. “The comic (you know the laugh),” he swings with a text in between memory and tenderness, and 40 thousand who sing it with one voice. “The New Broadway Star” is a Scorsese-style sequence shot that also needs the sound of a piano to tell a love story that smells like black and white photography.

Photograph by Bergamaschi
Photograph by Bergamaschi

“Hello Padua”

The latest single, released in April, “Chimica” is danced to a low bass to be fluid and embrace the sensuality of a summer in which we entered on an equal footing. A synthetic and suspended “Hummingbird” today and the classic “Something Great” who is already 23 years old but already has an author’s imprint. “It’s the first time I’ve played in this stadium and the dream of a small child comes true – Cremonini confesses – in high school, when he was still writing songs in macaronic English and with friends we played in a room, at the end of each song. He always said ‘Hello Padua!’ I wonder why. I’ve always known you, you’re great people and you have beautiful cities: if I hadn’t had your mountains I would have had problems, your Dolomites have saved me. ” Cremonini’s charisma as pleasing to the eye, top-notch rock star, able to embrace all the dynamics of the show, from “piano pianissimo” to “forte fortissimo”to make fans dance loudly to “Mondo” (complete with a virtual feature by Jovanotti) or the iconic “50 Special” of Lunapoppian memory, as well as shining all eyes in the most intimate moments, with a ” Come see why “acoustic or the very delicate” Jam # 25 “, one of the most beautiful love songs of the last twenty years.

Great finale

Lasers, fireworks, 3D visuals, sweat and smiles. An infinite number of photographs remain in the eyes of the summer afternoon to be jealously guarded among new memories. There mobile platform carrying Cremonini, several times during the live, a breath of the outstretched hands of the audience passing over their heads. In the middle of the poster, the delicate and unobvious tribute to Lucio Dalla, with the virtual duet on “Stella di mare”, ten years after the singer-songwriter’s death. “Hello” performed with impetus, feeling and some courage on a piano (literally) on fire, a tribute to the “killer” of rock Jerry Lee Lewis. The harmony and complicity with a solid and precise band formed by the musical companion Longtime crossbowmen Nicola “Ballo” on the bass, by Gary Novak on drums, Bruno Zucchetti on keyboards, Paduan Alessandro De Crescenzo on guitars and Davide Rossi on violin. A photo album in which each of the 40,000 present can (and should) add their own heart shots. After two hours full of music, greeted by the best wish you could receive“Tomorrow will be a better day,” we return home with the awareness that even today has not been so bad, and that many new memories, as precious as a summer dawn, have been added to the hope for the future.

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