Calcium, Lempainen surgeon visiting Treviso area: updates

Saturday, June 18, 2022 – 15:54 – Author: Staff Trivenetogoal

It is considered a luminaire for tendon surgery, with golden hands (and techniques). Lasse Lempainen, from Finland, is the surgeon who has saved the careers of many players by rebuilding the Achilles tendon of football champions such as the Roman Leonardo Spinazzola, after last year’s dramatic injury during the quarterfinals of the European Cup. or Luca Lezzerini. , the goalkeeper of Venezia Calcio, intervened this winter for the reconstruction of the continuity of the tendon of the right femoral rectum.

In recent days, Professor Lempainen, who has been an associate professor of sports orthopedics at the University of Turku since 2018, has wanted to visit another excellence in Italy, the “Giovanni XXIII” hospital in Monastier, referring to national level in the field of orthopedics.

After meeting with Managing Director Gabriele Geretto together with Head of Development and Communication Matteo Geretto with the Health Directorate, the Finnish luminaire made the control visit to Venice’s extreme defense but also wanted to visit key sectors of the Hospital. Accompanied by the facility’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Angelo Genovatogether with the sports doctor of Venezia Calcio, Dr. Filippo Vittadini focused on radiology, the modern rehab gym, the sterilization center, and the innovative hybrid and integrated operating theaters in which 8,000 surgeries are performed each year.

I have just seen your Hospital and I like that the concept of maintaining all the necessary steps of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative precision together with the operating rooms and clinics in a single structure is respected. So I think this idea of ​​the hospital works really well”- commented the professor Lasse Lempainen.

Lempainen performs about 350 surgeries each year. In addition to his clinical work, he is engaged in research activities in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine, in particular with respect to injuries and disorders of the hamstrings (hamstrings) and Achilles tendon. the.

The Monastier Hospital is a sporting benchmark for Venezia Calcio but also for Umana Reyer, Nutribullet Treviso Basket, Benetton and Mogliano Rugby, Motta Volleyball and the PDM Polispostiva Disabili di Marca, as well as many other minor competitive realities.

We are very honored by a world-renowned expert such as Professor Lasse Lempainenhas chosen our facility to talk to local doctors and athletes.– Comment Matteo Geretto Head of Development and Communication of “John XXIII” – We have been committed to caring for patients in the field of orthopedics for years. It is our specialty that is not limited to the treatment of trauma but also to rehabilitation with equipment and professionals trained to care for the athlete. We can also perform all the necessary tests for the cardiological evaluation and check its suitability or not for the sport. This type of assessment is also done through equipment such as cardiac MRI and CT that allow us to do more in-depth research if the doctor deems it necessary. ” concludes Matteo Geretto Head of Development and Communication of “John XXIII”.

Then, during the Monastier seminar, the well-known Finnish surgeon spoke about the importance of prevention, which is the key element for all people. “TWe all want our athletes and even amateur athletes to stay healthy. But sometimes traumas happen without the possibility of predicting them. The important thing is to formulate the correct diagnosis, by choosing the right medical treatment and identifying the factors that make surgery necessary.“.

Lasse Lempainen, who collaborates with international football clubs such as Barcelona, ​​but has patients from all over the world, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Russia, specializes mainly in limb injuries. lower back and stress injuries, “hip and knee”In particular Lempainen specified – My profession also specializes in problems related to musculotendinous injuries such as posterior hamstring, femoral rectum and Achilles tendon. “.



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