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The ninth episode of #MilanSpace was broadcast on 16/6/2022 from 21.15 to 14.15 approximately with the title “Botta al Wheel rim. Gigio, market and …

Stake stimulant, from Scale from football. In fact, among the guests, always fundamental and precious, we had the honor of counting the lawyer Josep There Scalewhich thus debuted on #MilanSpace as well the important thing editor from transfer I known Journalist I commentator Federico Zanon But No ground.

Many very important guests and lots of meat on the fire. Now en prealive the climate it was nice hot for the economic situation of Inter, with many Rossoneri fans who do not accept this unequal treatment and hear or perceive the press against Milan and who are somehow protective of Inter, as to keep the Pandora’s box well covered , and avoid it. open in no way. In pre-live, from 20.45 there was talk of planning differences between Milan, Juventus and Inter. The first has a long-term plan and invests more in young people, the other two come closer, take heated soups, more well-known and more experienced people. These are short-term projects. Quite the opposite of what Milan is doing.

In the episode we talked about, Yes is discussed from Gianluigi Donnarumma and its poor selection performance, and its regression and the risk it is at Balotelli BISfrom another Superalloy and of cause from League versus the Psg on financial fair play. There was talk of the new Milan, of De Ketelaere, from market from devil, of the new research and the new way of listening using artificial intelligence and platforms as why scout but not only, to scan and do in some way the skin and hair against the footballer seen. Milan’s search for new talent also involves new technologies that somehow illuminate all the pros and cons, giving as much information as possible about the player to buy, with the complicity of the human eye and the work of Maldini. , Massara and also Moncada. with his subordinates scouring the site in search of talent. Technology allows you to better understand the overall features, not just the techniques of the chosen player. There is a very careful analysis, there is a lot of work behind the acquisition of a particular footballer

It has been talked about we Stagefrom future from Milan, from cause from Wheel rim a Elliottwhat could happen to Inter, which will not fail as explained by lawyer La Scala, but risks ending up in Oaktree who will then have to make a return program to put the Nerazzurri’s accounts in order.

With Alexander Jacobone there was talk of the story that saw him go viral on twitter for cop I answer with Leao who denied his news with three smiling faces. Jacobone responded and gave his opinion satisfying the curiosity of our listeners without throwing firewood and falling into controversy, which was the hope of many trolls and haters on twitter. Jacobone, the good-hearted Rossoneri he is, always wants the best for Milan and the good for them, and said he hopes Leao will immediately renew his deal with the Rossoneri. We talked about the renovations of Maldini and Massara and in the final with the arrival of Enrico Silvestrin we talked about the new Milan, how it can be on the field, Massimiliano Allegri, the unequal treatment that is on one side of the press against Milan. while there is a tendency to exalt Juve and Inter. In the end we also talked about the football of the past, Roberto Baggio, Batistuta and a period in which the Serie A, and I mean the late 80s and early 2000s, well in this period the Serie A was the most beautiful , the richest and most competitive league in the world. The players were of a higher technical level, also the result of a different preparation on the individual technique refined in the youth teams, clearly superior to today’s football. And even the Serie A is now at a much lower level.

We talked about this and more in #MilanSpace. If you want to know more, you can listen to the recorded episode by clicking on the recording playback link, whether you are registered on twitter or not. Although you need to be registered on the social network Twitter to watch the live broadcast, you do not need to listen to the recording. You can listen to the recording whether you are registered on Twitter or not.

Stake unmissable. The best have the best and #MilanSpace with the ninth episode has surpassed the 1674 tunings and ever-growing data with the record of which I will post the link at the end of the article. In the end we closed with the Rossoneri of Emis Killa and Saturnino. The episode started out pretty hot and we forgot to air the opening theme of #MilanSpace but there was too much meat on the fire and the episode that was already pre-live was hot. Imagine later. Month from 5 hours from direct so many problems have flown by and faced.

For those who want to have updates on the activities of #MilanSpace, follow on twitter the profile of Angelredblack @ Angelredblack1, blogger of who has his own page on this platform, his blog called Cuore Rossonero d ‘ Angelo, Jhonny Rossonero alias @Milanista_Serio, both co-founders of #MilanSpace based on an idea from @ milanxsempre85. Happy listening if you like and happy #MilanSpace to everyone.

Guest list:

Sr.. Go Antonio Colasante @toninocolasante, Uefa B coach, Virtus Lanciano coach under 18 for over 44 in football

Marco Varini @mvcalcio, editor Sportitalia commentator also seen in Top Calcio 24

Max Bambara @ MaxBambi7, well-known lawyer and Rossoneri commentator

Go D’Elia @ GiovanniDElia11, director of the Ràdio Rossonera website and TV commentator on Top Calcio 24. Also on Oggi Sport

Peppe that grows up@PeppeCheCresc, youtuber known very popular for his channel in Milan with more than 7000 subscribers

Pasqual There Reason@pasqlaragione, director of Milan

Lawyer Josep There Scale, @g_lascala, founded in 1991 “La Scala-Society among lawyers” Small shareholder in Milan. Mariner. He is also seen on television at Sportitalia

Enric Silvestrina, @E_Silvestrin, public figure, multitasking, actor, host, music disseminator, big red and black heart, has a very popular Twitch music channel. The only music TV on Twitch

David Adulation@DavideLusinga, aspiring sports journalist editor for

Giancarlo Labate@giancarlolabat, Milan journalist

Federico Zanon, @ FedeZanon15, a well-known journalist for, Dazn, Infront and Eurosport. Antique Sky Sport. He is also a commentator

Alexander Jacobone, @NonEvoluto, co-founder of Radio Rossonera, journalist, TV commentator for Sportitalia, Tuttomercatoweb Radio. He writes for It has a very popular youtube channel and among the various programs is Replay with Milan

Enric Boiani, @EnriBoiani, announcer of the Rossoneri radio. Former director of State Radio

Pere Salten Prota@PBPcalcio, Head of Media at @ First1_Sports, journalist, former director of Ràdio Rossonera

It was Giustini@ AloBrasil1974, runner, ambassador of Spartan Race, Rossoneri choir closely followed by Twitter in Milan
Here you can listen to the recording of the ninth episode of #MilanSpace. Good listening if you like

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