What is a temporary relationship and why to avoid it

P.It can happen that in order to deal with the end of a relationship, one hides in temporary relationships. That is why it is best to avoid such relationships

We’ve all heard the classic saying that nails come out, and while it may seem like a good idea to throw yourself headlong into what’s called an interim relationshipthis is not the case, and such stories should be avoided as much as possible, although not always easy.

Those who have just come out of a love affair, perhaps a long one, and are also facing a painful breakup, should first focus on processing their pain and accepting this new absence., instead of embarking on a new story.

What is a temporary relationship

By a provisional relationship we mean the type of relationship in which one often throws oneself to relieve the pain of ending a relationship that has meant a lot.

Often, however, these are stories that start more to overcome the fear of being alone, rather than a real feeling, and the risk is that they will be exhausted in an instant in the pan. leaving us with a bitter taste in our mouths and more lonely and sad than before.

It is normal for past relationships to have their own weight, but we must also avoid influencing the present; and a relationship that started just for not thinking about the breakup we just experienced is a bad premise for a lasting relationship.

It is very important to learn to deal with loneliness and not be afraid to be alone: participate in a relationship just to not be single it is certainly not a good premise for a long, stable, and satisfying relationship, and in fact it is a behavior that usually involves somewhat toxic personalities, such as narcissists.

Why avoid interim relationships

Nobody likes to be the second choice or feeling like a “tool” for forgetting an ex who has hurt us, and treating your new partner that way is not a good way to start a relationship.

The prerequisites for a new relationship should be attraction, respect and feeling good together, certainly not the fear of being alone or the desire to be distracted; a temporary relationship is not only not good for us, but it is not respectful with the new partner. But how do you avoid falling for it?

Learn to be alone

Loneliness is not always bad; First of all it is not true that a single person is also a single person. He can surround himself with the affection of friends and family and lead a full and fulfilling life even without having a relationship.

However, learning to feel good even alone and without a partner is a crucial step that we should all face in life. Only then will we be able to get to know each other really mature and face the new relationship with a different and more conscious spirit.

Overcoming grief

Overcoming the breakup of a relationship is for all intents and purposes how to deal with a little pain; before we can get back to normal – and start a new love affair – we have to do it let time pass and to heal from the emotional wounds we have suffered and are making us suffer.

It is unrealistic to think of leaving a person immediately and moving on to another relationship without suffering the consequences, and it is not even respectful of the new partner who should be able to count on our full attention. not to suffer raw pain and longing for a bad relationship.

Because in the end you know, they’re all knots that get in the head and undermine the foundations of the new relationship.

Have fun with new activities

The best way to end a relationship, after taking a moment to think, is to distract yourself not with a temporary relationship, but with new activities.

From finding a new hobby, taking a trip, or catching up with things we could no longer do with our partner, there is nothing better than focus on something other than a relationship to cure the pain of a separation.

The important thing is to understand that we should not be satisfied with anyone for not being alone; especially out of respect for oneself and then for the other person, who instead deserves a relationship with all the traps and a 100% attentive and present partner.

Starting a relationship is an important path and having a random person close to us, who doesn’t convince us at all, but who was in the right place at the right time is a bad decision.

Not to mention that it will hardly be a relationship that brings us love and satisfaction in fact, it could most likely end badly, leaving us more lonely and frustrated than before.

After the break-up of a relationship, perhaps long and important, it’s okay take time for yourselflisten to us and also understand the reasons why the relationship did not work, growing and improving.

Only after facing this path, sometimes painful and complex, and after letting go of our past, will we be able to feeling ready to find the right personand we throw ourselves into a beautiful story that makes sense and is not just a temporary relationship.

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