Violations, fights, “cultural” crimes: criminal immigration that scares Italy

Women and girls harassed or raped in the middle of the street. Officers and carabinieri struck or threatened with knives. And girls abused or murdered by their families because they rejected the traditions of their own culture and wanted to live Western. These are the crimes and attacks that appear on the news pages and involve foreign criminals. It is the phenomenon ofcriminal immigration, was born at the same time as the arrival in Italy of social and cultural groups from different countries of the world, a phenomenon that since the seventies has transformed the Peninsula into a state of immigration. But how has this trend transformed the criminal landscape?

“The presence of different social, ethnic and cultural groups inevitably leads to a transformation of criminal offenses,” he said. the criminologist Francesca Capozzaauthor of the book Criminal immigrationwhich analyzes the phenomenon, showing the face of foreign crime in Italy – We see the stable presence of the foreign team that takes the form of organized crime, the common, terrorism, as well as crimes of cultural motivation “.

Foreign crime figures

Immigration is not synonymous with crime. And vice versa. Since the 1970s, however, the arrival of people from other parts of the world with different cultures and habits has increased in our country. And people who regularly emigrate have been joined by irregulars. This new movement has brought about a change in crime, because Italian criminals have joined foreign teamwhich has changed the overall picture of crime and security.

The data, reported in the 13th report of the Antigone association on the conditions of detention, speak of an increase in the number of foreigners present in Italian prisons, which has experienced an increase since the early 1990s.unstoppableNow, according to data from the Ministry of Justice, updated to May 31, 2022, the foreign detainees there are 17,136, out of a total of 57,067 people imprisoned: a percentage that slightly exceeds 30%, as confirmed by the criminologist Francesca Capozza, who speaks of official data “which, therefore, do not register further implications not found”. In large cities, however, this percentage increases, so much so that, as specified in by the councilor Riccardo De Corato“In Milan, more than 70% of San Vittore’s prison population is made up of immigrants.”

It should be noted, however, that among foreign prisoners the percentage of irregular migrantsinformed in the Antigone report, certifies “between 60 and 80% depending on the type of crime“Not only that.” Almost all migrants who commit crimes are unprecedented, “says Commissioner De Corato. , probably not even throwing themselves alone or risking very heavy penalties, otherwise it is not explained why they prefer to pay good money to smugglers, risking their lives at sea, instead of arriving in Italy by other means. I don’t think everyone is running away from the war. “

These percentages refer to crime in general. But the activity of the foreign team varies according to the type of crimes committed. The XIII Antigone Report of 2017 especially linked the presence of foreign criminals in prison crimes against property, related to drugs and related to prostitution. “The types of crimes most committed by them,” he explains Dr. Capozza – refers to crimes against property (as much as 27%, in particular theft and robbery), against the person (31%, in particular voluntary personal injury), violation of the drug law (around 31 On the other hand, the percentage of foreigners detained for mafia-related crimes is low.

Rape and sexual harassment

It was the morning of August 9, 2021 when a 26-year-old Italian-South American was caught from behind, dragged by his arm and raped while digging the water pipes of a construction site at Cascina Gobba, in a stone’s throw. from San Raffaele Hospital by a 31-year-old Egyptian without a habitual residence permit. On December 6, however, a young passenger was attacked on the Milan-Varese train by two boys in their twenties. The first, who allegedly served as a “stake”, is an Italian with drug addiction problems; the other – the material interpreter of the attempted rape – is a Moroccan with a police record and illegal in Italy. And then the horror of New Year’s Eve: up to 9 girls are harassed by a band of foreigners a step away from Milan Cathedral during the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“State figures speak for themselves: foreigners are five times more responsible than Italians for crimes of sexual violence,” said Commissioner Riccardo De Corato, “despite the toughening of sentences, harassment and rape.” Policies in favor of respect for women do not seem to have taken hold of a part of the foreign population – and this is confirmed by the very serious episode that took place on New Year’s Eve in Piazza Duomo. -, which continues to consider the woman as an object, a property, of which the man can do whatever he wants ”.

Last June 2, five teenagers they were harassed with shock harassment on the train to Peschiera after returning from a morning in Lake Garda. The perpetrators, not yet all identified, allegedly directed racist insults at the young victims: “You’re white, you don’t have to stay here (on the train)“. A worrying phenomenon, which marks a negative record in Lombardy, related to sex crimes. on the contrary, it is growing slightly, from 273 cases in 2011 to 285 in 2021. In my opinion, the situation is very worrying ”.

Crimes of “cultural motivation”.

No less alarming is the trend regarding the so-called “crimes of cultural motivation“, Or those crimes that mature in a cultural context contrasting with the system of norms and values ​​of the host country. “Explanatory theories of foreign crime identify a multifactoriality of criminal behavior in which the internal conflict between the culture of origin and the value system of the host country – explains Dr. Capozza – produces a contrast in the same people from different cultural and regulatory systems, can lead to discomfort, insecurity, loss of risk of mismatch, mental disorders and crime. “

Then there are others factors to take into account, for example, “the precarious economic and social conditions in which immigrants find themselves – the expert continues -, the social marginalization of which they are often victims with the consequent risk of ‘labeling’, the absence of social groups) and the relatives of reference can favor the adoption of delinquent behaviors ”.

Among the crimes of cultural orientation, those related to the phenomenon of forced marriages. According to the latest data released by the Interior Ministry, two out of three victims are foreigners with a high incidence of Pakistani women. “I think that, at least for some, there is also a big problem with underestimating some phenomena that are ignored and ‘archived’ as customs and habits of a culture to be respected,” adds De Corato. female genital mutilation, the latter practice being subjected to many girls, daughters of immigrants in our country as well. “

Estimates relating toinfibulation (University of Milan Bicocca, year 2019), on the other hand, in Italy there are 87,600 victims. Of these, 7,000 are girls and little more than teenagers. “Clearly, much remains to be done to spread a culture of respect and equality for women,” concludes the Lombardy Region’s security councilor. “cultural segregation in which women are also kept here. When events like Saman’s take place, then everything falls into oblivion and people pretend not to know that many Muslims consider women to be anthropologically inferior and subordinate to men.”

Attacks on police

Not just rape, theft and robbery or crime “culturally motivatedViolent immigration also affects women police. The latest story dates back to a few days ago, when a thirty-year-old non-EU citizen attacked a policeman in Pisa, punching him violently. Not only that: during the trip the young man allegedly smashed the steering wheel glass.

In May 2021, however, two police officers on duty in Milan were attacked, when a couple of irregular North Africans he had been angry insulting the cops. Then the violence: kicks and blows to the officers, both injured, so much so that they had to go to the emergency room. One of the two policemen had repaired a fractured hand and a 25-day prognosis, while the other had been diagnosed with an elbow contusion. Earlier, in January 2021, a group of foreigners had surrounded the police officers, threatening them with a broken glass bottle and punching them several times.

According to the report Policies Pikkiati of 2021, provided byAs fast as possiblethe Association for Road Safety, in 2021 the physical aggression there were a total of 2,655 agents, more than 7 a day. Of these, 37% were caused by foreign nationals. But why this fury towards the police and the carabinieri, at the risk of being stopped? “On the one hand, language difficulties and knowledge of culture and norms make it difficult for foreigners to communicate and understand the social and legal system in which they are inserted,” said criminologist Francesca Capozza. But there is more. In fact, the expert continues, “on the other hand, the police in the flagrant nature of the crime represent the limit and the law from which they flee or are struggling to understand and accept, thus pouring reactive emotions into them. Connected.” .

The risk of radicalization

Data on the phenomenon of violent immigration, which clearly affects only the extremist and radical stripes of foreigners arriving in Italy, exposes uneasy scenarios for the future. Milan, where the presence of illegal immigrants reaches 50,000, is one of the most risky Italian cities. “It is clear that the choice to move to Milan is not accidental: there is money, welfare and work. But the question is another. The fact is that, at the moment, many neighborhoods in the city are the prerogatives of the foreign team, explains De Corato. San Siro’s public establishments, for example, are almost all occupied by Arab squatters. The same can be said of Corvetto where there is a strong presence of foreigners from Eastern Europe, gypsies and Africans. They are all places where the state has lost touch with reality and where, in my opinion, the situation is irretrievable. And then it’s obvious that the risk of growing and violent crimes is high. “

Although the prospects are not encouraging and the process of radicalization it is a conceivable eventuality, we are not facing an irreversible criticality. “The only solution to ensure the safety of citizens is the presence of police forces in the area. In Milan, for example, until recently, there was the neighborhood police. Where did they end up? The only deterrent is the presence of capillaries. Of men in uniform, on foot, and the social janitor – concludes the Lombard councilor – but in the current state, with entire working-class neighborhoods besieged by foreigners, it is virtually impossible to implement such solutions. for “.

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