“Unify Vegni and Signorelli’s leadership to relaunch higher education in Cortona”

The representatives of the Democratic Party of Cortona present a proposal for the schools located in the area:

“The institutes present in our town, the” Luca Signorelli “ISIS and the” Angelo Vegni “ISIS, have a long tradition behind them, which dates back, in the case of Vegni, even to the nineteenth century. – classical high school, administration, finance and marketing, tourism, social services professional, agricultural technician and hospitality professional- have enriched their offer with new directions aimed at offering training courses according to the needs of the territory: in Signorelli it is also possible to enroll in the artistic baccalaureate, in the technician of information systems of companies and in order to obtain the title of triennial of hairdressing, while in the Vegni it is possible to obtain the professional title of agriculture, the sixth of oenology. and diploma of hotel in the evening “.

“Even Vegni, despite being a real unique in the area in terms of history and training offer, has long been going through a crisis of enrollment that has led to the loss of the director and director of General Services and Administrative. five years ago. Therefore, since 2017, Vegni has been subject to the “regency”, ie it is managed by the DS and the DSGA of another institution. In the second institute all its support, especially in complex times such as those experienced by the Italian school with the pandemic crisis. More generally, the loss of autonomy often means having to give up important resources that guarantee the planning, cultural and professional training of students and teachers, innovation, significant curricular and extracurricular teaching experiences. , integration and coordination with school networks “.

“The next school year (2022-2023) will be the sixth of Vegni’s undersizing, as the turnaround has remained very timid. The situation at the other high school in Cortones is better, but not without any risk, Signorelli , which has so far maintained its autonomy – but not without difficulties – We believe that we must take a step forward, also taking into account the subsequent and inevitable demographic decline that will characterize our territory in the coming years. Two school realities very important people who have been preachers for decades about the development and well-being of our territory, can no longer risk not having a clear and serene vision of their future. “

“At the next zonal sizing conference at the provincial level, the municipal administration of Cortona will have to present a serious project aimed at relaunching the two schools. In this perspective, the only way forward in our opinion is the union of the two institutions under the same school direction, also in consideration of the suspension of the constitution of the global institutions established in the autonomic field, the institutes represent for the area of ​​Cortona.

This is what the council group “Junts per Cortona” strongly demands with a motion that commits the mayor Luciano Meoni to assume the decisive responsibility for the relaunch of the institutes of Cortona and to overcome a stalemate that -especially with regard to the historic institute Capezzine- could be considered critical to the future of the institution itself. The leader of the group, Andrea Bernardini, and the minority councilors, therefore, intend to focus on an issue that concerns close to hundreds of students today and tomorrow, their families and the staff of the two institutes (teachers, Even, and employees of the agriculture company Vegni).

For a municipality like ours, the presence of valid and avant-garde institutes is essential, as it is the only reality capable of training human resources prepared to face the challenges of the future. It is a duty to intervene before it is too late. “

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