Transfer Palermo: the city of Mansour under attack

An agreement was reached between Mirri and Mansour: the announcement is scheduled for later this month. We’re moving towards confirmation from all the staff, so Baldini should stay

All done. Palermo enters the Manchester City galaxy, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan with City Football Group becomes the owner of the new club promoted to Serie B. James Pallotta’s attempt to advance (along with Mauro Baldissoni, the his right hand in the time of Rome) was rejected, despite the letter of intent of the last days. The choice is made and will be ratified at the end of the month. The new era of Palermo could start from a precise date: July 1, 2022.

The City Group had first entered the scene in April, thanks to the work of Giovanni Gardini, a former Inter coach who had a mandate to sell the club. Gardini himself and other Mansour emissaries have been to Palermo several times to watch the playoffs and negotiate the purchase of the club. Even in the final won against Padua were the sheikh’s men: especially Luciano Zavagno, a former Argentine defender (in Italy with Ancona, Catania, Pisa and Turin) who later stayed in the city to know the soul from inside. the club. It was expected that the final result would go to the closing, especially not to disturb the team, although the parties had already agreed on a plan A (Serie C club: value of about 8 million) and a plan B. (Serie B club: value between 10 and 12 million). The thread of the speech was reconnected on Wednesday in Milan, where Gardini and President Dario Mirri met to define some details. Specifically, the role of Mirri himself, who should keep a place in the company and also a minority stake and then resell it in the future.

In recent days Mirri has taken the situation by managing the case alone, with his lawyers. At the company level, a masterpiece has been made: from Series D to B in three years with a reasonable financial commitment (remember the sale of Lucca to Pisa a year ago for 3 million), without creating great situations of indebtedness and above all bring the city closer to the staff. In the four games of the last playoffs, with the results and the announced arrival of the sheikh to raise the euphoria at the same time, Barberà had a total of almost 150,000 spectators. If you think that at the beginning of the season there were a few thousand in the stadium … Mirri, a long-time fan, will go down in history for this relaunch, which should continue with all the men who have helped him in this company. .

From Serie D, Palermo is led by an experienced coach like Rinaldo Sagramola, who still has a contractual relationship with the club and should therefore remain, although it has been assumed that Gardini himself will replace him. Instead, sporting director Renzo Castagnini has his contract expired and, after Tuesday’s meeting with Zavagno in which he explained his way of working and his project, he should soon see the men of City Group for the renewal , having continued, in these days, in his work, see the rescue of Solerius of Padua. At this point, Silvio Baldini, the architect of the promotion, should remain on the bench, since after his arrival for Christmas (wanted by Castagnini himself) the team began to fly. Following the promotion, sniffing the air, the coach had put his hands to say that he would have given up the renewal of the contract (automatic with B) if not confirmed the entire staff, in particular the ds The men of the City Council has received the message and has understood that continuity would be the wisest measure, also to mount the enthusiasm that has been created. And Baldini, who has decided to move from Palermo to the town he bought in Mondello (not forgetting his origins in Massa …), can’t wait to start working on the new adventure.

Palermo has an excellent starting point for the team and enthusiasm. The new owner will have to announce the plans, which however seem willing to try to bring Palermo back to Serie A with substantial investments. 6-7 reinforcements are expected, and it is possible to confirm Brunori (29 goals, now back at Juve). But everything can be expected from the City Group. Palermo relaunched the Serie D three years ago with Mirri, now joining a company controlled by the Abu Dhabi United Group fund (78% of the shares) whose partners are the Chinese partners China Media Capital and Citic Capital (12%) and the Silver Lake Partners Americans (10%). Yes, a new world.

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