the work of Arcangelo Sassolino for Arte Sella, in Trentino

We spoke to Giacomo Bianchi, president of Arte Sella, in the following interview.

Henrique Oliveira, common root. Ph Giacomo Bianchi © Arte Sella

What is Arte Sella today and how has it changed since its birth? Were there any changes in your mission as well?

“Arte Sella has changed over the years and has grown – today the Arte Sella association is a Museum and a Social Enterprise – in the same way that the exhibition tours, the public and the attractiveness have evolved in a way often unexpected. Despite this, Arte Sella continues in its founding purpose, that is, to try, through the language of art and creativity, to investigate the fragile and complex relationship between man and nature, a constantly changing relationship. as evidenced by the recent drama of the storm. Go or the current environmental emergency caused by the Bostrico Tipógrafo, just to mention two facts that have touched us closely.

Edoardo Tresoldi, Symbiosis. Ph Giacomo Bianchi © Arte Sella

What relationship has Arte Sella created with the territory over the years? How does it fit in nationally and internationally?

“The relationship with the territory has not always been easy for Arte Sella, but it is clear that over the last ten years it has evolved and improved remarkably: the new generations consider Arte Sella to be part of their identity, while the Public institutions and private companies have fully understood the potential of culture as an essential engine for the development of a territory, such as Valsugana, which makes tourism sustainable – it is the first tourist destination in Italy to have achieved sustainable tourism destination certificate according to the GSTC. standard – a source of pride and very attractive.
At a national and international level, collaborations are becoming more frequent and organic in the project, consolidating the desire to bring an increasingly broad and international perspective to this small area: we can mention the recently ratified collaboration with the Garden Botanist of the University of Padua, with the Brescia Musei Foundation, the presence within the circuit of the Great Italian Gardens, the collaboration with the Politenico di Milano, the active participation in the European Land-Art Network and Dancing Museums ».

Ian Ritchie, Levitas, ph Giacomo Bianchi @ Arte Sella

The new work by Arcangelo Sassolino opens today, marking the opening of Arte Sella to research into the relationship between art, nature and technology. How did the decision to open this new line of research come about, how does it relate to the work already present and how will it be developed over time?

“For a few years now, thanks to the vision of the Artistic Director Emanuele Montibeller, Arte Sella has embarked on a journey of research into the relationship between art and nature that is nourished by a history of more than thirty years but which is strongly embedded in the contemporary world. Like the same Archangel Sassolino states, the artist is totally part of his time. The ability of contemporary man to modify nature through technology, often, unfortunately, also against his own existence, is now evidence from which it would be foolish to escape. This is what artists like Edoardo Tresoldi, Daan Roosegaarde, Kristof Kintera and Arcangelo Sassolino himself, just to mention some of Arte Sella’s most recent collaborations, offer the visitor a new, composed and non-idealized view of our relationship with nature.

© Arte Sella

What will be the public appointments at Arte Sella in the coming months?

“Arte Sella, like the work of Arcangelo Sassolino, is a body in constant motion and in the coming months will be crossed by a rich program of events and news. to be continued Forge Art Saddleafter the ceremony on May 22, with Gabriele Mirabassi I Simone Zanchinihalfway between jazz, Brazil and more, while in October the reading Music “Flower Power” with Mario Brunello and the actor and writer Andrea Pennacchifreely based on the book of Alessandra Violawith original compositions by Alessio Pianelli (Saturday, October 1). In July Valerio Magrelli I Susanna Tartaro they will return the language of poetry to Arte Sella, while the work will be presented to the public in September Dancing forest renaissance of the architect Rocco Yim“.

Kristof Kintera, Memorial of the Last Light, Arte Sella. Ph Giacomo BIanchi Kristof Kintera – Memorial of the Last Light – Arte Sella – Ph Giacomo BIanchi @ Arte Sella

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