THE STORIES OF SANDRA Via and the many memories of many families – Il Golfo 24


Via Roma has seen many families live there and remain in our memories. Among these today I like to remember the Giusto family, to whom I am united by a sweet bond. I was eight years old when I received Communion and Confirmation the same day in St. Peter’s and my godmother was a very young Antonietta Giusto with whom I have always had a sweet relationship. His mother, Giovan Giuseppe Giusto, married Lucia Di Massa on December 3, 1939, and four children were born to him, Antonietta, Nunzia, and twins Michele and Andrea. The head of the family was a man who immediately understood that the future of our alleys, of our course and of the whole island would be tourism, and already in 1926 together with his sister Isabella Giusto he took charge of the Conte Hotel in Via Roma. . In 1939 he had the intuition to transform an old building owned by the Pignatelli princes, on the hill of San Pietro, into a hotel he called Hotel San Pietro and which was inaugurated with the receptions of two weddings, his with his wife Lucia, and that of Vittorio Ielasi with Flora D’Ambra. That hotel had a beautiful view of the port and the Ischia canal. Later, in 1954, the Giusto Hotel was inaugurated in Via Vittoria Colonna with the blessing of the Ruopoli canonry, which for years has been a great point of reference for Ischia and tourists.

Years later the owners of the Excelsior cinema, the Micangeli family, handed over the direction of the cinema to Giovan Giuseppe Giusto and he, who was so busy, asked Antonio Castagna to become his partner and so it was. Unfortunately, on January 11, 1966, Giovan Giuseppe Giusto died at the age of 57 and a half and the following month, and in February 1966 he was awarded the Gold Medal as a pioneer of island tourism. The Palazzo Giusto on the corner of Via Roma was renovated by children many years later. Sweet Lucia followed her children and was loved by many who chose her as their confirmation godmother. It was the Giusto family who gave us the first outdoor movies we called “chicken” in the summer. Then they opened the indoor cinema called Aenaria always in Via Roma in front of the shoe store and the sea and sports. How many memories in that cinema and with the gentleman who accompanied us with the flashlight that we jokingly called a bunny. In 1972 we finally had a beautiful luxury cinema on Via Roma, the Cinema Lucia and we jumped for joy. In fact, the Excelsior cinema was already there but for us the children were far away and our parents would not let us go. So the Lucia cinema with those beautiful seats became on Saturday the refuge of many of us in the first show at 18:00, the children Michele and Andrea, the latter manager of the hotel, continued for years the activities started by his father, then each took different paths and the Lucia cinema closed. Antonietta has been a German teacher for years at Mattei and has been involved in many cultural associations and bank transfers and has been esteemed for her honesty and moral integrity. Nunzia had for years the GuidaTre bookstore in Piazza degli Eroi which she managed in an organized way because Nunzia was fast of character, Andrea taught hospitality becoming a benchmark for many boys and girls and Michele spent a period in the cinema and also to form. young football guys with their tender way of doing things.

So today the righteous of the second generation are still loved and are inserted young. It can be said that the Giusto are friends of character and have many friends. Unfortunately Antonietta and Nunzia are no longer there and were so loved by those grandchildren that they often stayed with them. Andrea is married to Anna Trosa and has two children Giovangiuseppe and Lucia, Michele is married to Amalia Di Meglio and has three children Giovan Giuseppe, Raimondo and Flavio. On the road to the Maronti, there is again a “Albergo Villa Giusto” thanks to Michele’s wife, Amalia Di Meglio, who donated that family property to her children, and every time I pass by, I’m happy because it has to exist. on the island.



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