The second part of the Cross Festival begins on Lake Orta –

The second part of Festival of the Cross. The international performing arts event on Lake Maggiore, organized by LIS Lab Performing Arts with the artistic direction of Antonella Ciriglianocelebrates the 10th anniversary of its debut in 2012 with an edition dedicated to sustainability and change.

In a second phase, the Festival moves between the evocative historic villages of Ameno and Orta San Giulio, also entering the neighboring forests with multidisciplinary performances and side activities designed to rediscover naturalistic places and reinterpret them with a artistic and innovative look.

Attention to the plant world, the return to the land and the care of the environment are, therefore, the common thread among the appointments scheduled for this second part of the Festival. The dance, theater and music events that will take place in the territory of Lake Orta are the result of the birth of new synergies with local bodies and institutions (Municipality of Ameno, Municipality of Orta San Giulio, DragoLago Association) which has as the common goal. in the enhancement of architectural and natural places in a logical ecosystem to qualify the territories through the performing arts and make them capable of attracting artists and audiences.

second part – CROSS Festival in Orta San Giulio i Ameno

From Friday 17 June the festival changes lake and moves to Orta San Giulio i Ameno from where the second part of the CROSS Festival begins. It starts from Ameno with Lectures Amene Festival and at 7 pm, with a rehearsal on Saturday 18 June, in Piazza Marconi on FIRST NATIONAL from Hamlet. A personal matterdirected by Anna Fascendini, Giulietta de Bernardi, Michele Losi, production Scarlattine Teatro / Campsirago Residenza.
An itinerant and site-specific show that, through a physical and metaphorical journey through the ghosts of the figure of Hamlet, explores the great themes of doubt and desire. Hamlet is a crack, a broken name, a story no one wants to hear anymore. But Hamlet keeps barking, always coming back, like an indigestible food, like an incessant melody, like a little dark thorn under the sole of one foot. Hamlet is that presence that resides within each of us. Admission: € 10, repeated on Saturday 18 June at 7 pm.

Saturday, June 18, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. WILD YOGA at Casa Mirabello (rehearsal Sunday 19 from 7 to 18). Wild yoga has no goals; it is not practiced to obtain something, such as joint flexibility or spiritual enlightenment, but because it is irresistibly driven by the curiosity to explore oneself, by the pleasure of living a deep intimacy with oneself. This workshop promotes a creative approach to practice, overcoming the barriers created by school orthodoxy and happily flirting with other disciplines and artistic experiences. Led by Marco Peduzzi and Francesca Casella, the workshop combines different yoga practices (asanas, dynamic sequences, breathing practices, meditation) with walks in nature and other sensory explorations. Information and reservations at info @ crossproject.

On Sunday, June 19, after a new appointment with Letture Amene Festival and the replica of Yoga Selvaggio, the Festival moves to Orta San Giulio in the Capella Nova – Sacro Monte for the preview of EartHeart – The heart of the earth / Focus Orta, the company’s dance show EgriBiancoDanza. EartHeart, as the English pun suggests, combines the word heart with the word earth: the heart of the earth. The heart is the engine of the body, it is the pulse of life, even the earth has a heart multiplied by all the dimensions in which life manifests. The need is to return to dialogue with the land, the desire to rediscover the roots and belonging, the symbiosis and sacred respect that some cultures still retain. An artistic project that involves involvement and dialogue with local communities to explore the specific relationship with a specific ecosystem: psychophysical and ancestral habits, social and natural identities, practices and traditions linked to the territory to which they belong. Admission: 5 euros.

On Thursday, June 23, the Festival returns to Ameno in the Agogna stream, at the Lido Vog at 5 pm with RADICAL FLIGHTS of the company Stay here airlines. Volo Radicali is an imaginative journey into the relationship that humans establish with plant species from distant ecosystems capable of settling in a new ecology, breaking the pre-established order. The protagonist of this flight without a plane will be the Reynoutria Japonica, an invasive exotic species that has overflowed the banks of the Agogna stream. Ameno beach, commonly called Vog, is full of them and is where we intervene through a performance of voices, gestures, sounds and sculptural objects. The girls and boys of the Municipal Councils of Boys of the neighboring municipalities of Armeno, Invorio, Gozzano and Orta will also come to the performance, through a forest walk guided by the maps created jointly in the project “Paths of Participation” (Association DragoLago). Entrance fee: 5 euros Replicated on Friday 24 June, again at 5 pm.

At 8 pm, at the MonteOro Restaurant Theater (via Molini) with a production of Here and Now Theater Residence: SAUCE SAGA (ticket € 35 dinner + show). Around a table, between classes, three women, three different generations, a grandmother, a mother and a daughter, talking about their lives. Three women who put the past and the present on the table at a dinner to enjoy, but also to see and hear, a dinner in which all the senses are called to participate and where the meal to be consumed is not just about eating. but also of emotions, flavors and stories. Salsa Saga is a family memory, it is to immerse yourself in the daily life of lives to read them through the cult of food. Repeat Friday, June 24, again at 8 p.m.

Sunday 26, Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June, at 6 and 7 pm, in Ameno, Casa Mirabello, appointment with dance and national debut from THE WOOD THAT IS NOT THEREin co – production with Perypezye Urbane and in collaboration with NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation, management body of the Sacri Monti / Sacro Monte di Orta San Giulio.
The wood that is not there is a path of research and co-creation that, through the poetic language of performance and dance, aims to address the issue of perception in relation to the natural world. The performance (digital and live) illuminates the natural forces around us and invites participants to navigate an elastic (timeless) space using extra daily sensory perception Through sensory exploration, meditation and contemplation of the forest , one experiences the world around us. and its hidden nature (formed by flows, energy, and abstract elements). From a concept for Antonella Cirigliano and Hamayl Angelowith the performance of Elisa Sbaragli and Sabrina SaporitiSound designer Guido Tattoni. Admission: 10 euros

Game and nature
On Wednesday, June 29, at 6 pm, in Bolzano Novarese, a few kilometers from Ameno, departing from Casa Lavanda, the CROSS Festival program is immersed in nature with LIVING GREEN OUTDOOR GAME, a traveling game per team lasting two hours (40 euros per team). is a nature exploration game related to VERDE VIVENTE, a path of environmental civic education that stretches along a 2 km path within the Monte Mesma Nature Reserve. Actions to perform, places to find, clues to follow, questions to solve. An opportunity to immerse yourself in the habitat of the forest and get in touch with its biodiversity. Edited by Mastersartistic and cultural center based in Omegna (No) e Stay here airlinesa fictional airline that deals with imaginative multimedia routes and physical routes for walking, already the protagonist of the Radical Flights event in Ameno.

The last weekend of the CROSS Festival is dedicated dance and again from nature.

Friday, July 1, at 6 pm, in Villa Pastori (Ameno) Claudia Caldarano leads to the stage FLAT ONLY BODY ONLY (HUG 10), a performance / concert in which the intimate and solitary condition of “chamber” music is recreated in sound and movement, to establish a subtle ad personam contact in a public space, a reserved and intimate performance for a large audience of individuals . With this project, Claudia Caldarano, a versatile artist, won the call for “Residanza – The house of the new choreography 2021” promoted within the Gap! Change! Now! Projects for the next generation of dance – Movimento Danza 2018/2021, in collaboration with the Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale. Entrance fee € 10.

Then, always in Ameno, the playwright and choreographer Claudia Castellucci staged in the garden of Villa Pastori TOWARDS THE SPECIES. Return to the primitive impulse of dance, observing and reforming the rhythm that is manifested in animal, vegetable, mineral nature and in human industry. Go back to the origins of dance to relive that impulse that pushes you to reform time, to free it from the bottleneck of chronology. A dance that reveals the individual presence of each performer only thanks to the choral movement; and music, composed and grown together with the dance movement, step by step, is the engine. Ticket price: € 10.

Game and nature
On Saturday, July 2, the programming of the CROSS Festival includes a playful finale, one more year immersed in nature. At 3 pm, and again at 5 pm, in Vacciago di Ameno at the Calderara Foundation, the cultural association Mastronauta organizes VISUAL EXPLORATION GAME, a playful cultural experience suitable for everyone that, inspired by live games and experiential narrative, promotes a dynamic knowledge of the artistic and environmental peculiarities of the Calderara Foundation and the collection of the artist Antonio Calderara. ( The first part takes place outside and involves one OUTDOOR VISUAL STRETCH, a kind of visual training preparatory to visit the house museum. After this first mission, participants will be able to enter the Museum and will be invited to carry out a VISUAL EXPLORATION in search of works that correspond to criteria, both compositional and emotional. Entrance fee 5 euros.


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