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Of one Alan Sorrenti increasingly rejuvenated in the Shame from cmqmartinaof the current of consciousness of Giovanni Truppi in the first episode of a series album of Baseball Greggto our album of the week, the collective and live pop of the label Discus fish with its mixtape Get rid of me. And then Aries, Nicolò Carnesi, Caterina Barbieri, Michael Mills, Jake the fury, Moci, No voodoo, Call me far and much more in our Friday newsletter!

Alan Sorrenti – Today

Alan Sorrenti’s “forever young” journey continues to shine Today: a funk anthem in the present, at that moment that you have been waiting for all your life and that can last forever, you just have to be prepared when it appears, guided by the very recognizable falsetto of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter.

Gregg Baseball – Parrots and the Park (Pastimes Vol. I)

The duo split between Bologna and California returns with a series album, of which Parrots and the park is the first taste: soft alternative rock between the sighs of Belle & Sebastian and the empty gaze of Mac DeMarco, where you can swing placidly towards a gentle rebirth.

cmqmartina – Shame

Cmqmartina opens up the range of possibilities, it goes beyond the comfort zone of nu dance to also show a more intimate and personal side. Like this Shame he finds the balance between unbridled dancing and the need to catch his breath in private confessions, to the point of overcoming that incomprehensible feeling of inadequacy that prevents us from flying.

Giovanni Truppi – Some considerations

Giovanni Truppi is influenced by Beck in the early 2000s to outsource Some considerations flowing in a stream of magnetic consciousness: thoughts that resonate in the head, that follow one another in disorder, while around us the world explodes and stops at the same time.

Mezzanine – Impre

The word in the center. The Zoopalco label is presented with Impre of Mezzopalco, a spoken word lent to melodic research and the exaltation of the power of the voice, where the paths of different artists who have shaped the “Oral History of the West” cross, from Gil Scott-Heron to Demetrio Stratos.

Michael Mills – Hot Wheels

Producer Michael Mills condenses his entire sound universe into 12 minutes, from electronic fragmentation to trap influences, to moments of distressing r’n’b – thanks to Deepho’s guest bars – and techno explosions, in a whirlwind schizophrenic musical.

Riel, Balvin Boys – Internet

From Osore and Tr3mila of the Sxrrxwland comes Riel, the center of a series of musical projects with the two Roman artists at the center. Balvin Boys is just one of his incarnations, which with Internet it projects us into a disillusioned and apathetic reality, a direct consequence of the accelerated survival of the present.

Disc of the Week: Pieces Discs – Get rid of me

What comes out strong from the mixtape Get rid of me by Pezzi Dischi is an incandescent and silvery octopus, in which the perspectives of the label’s individual artists intersect to form impossible angles, lucid dreams of the future and total openness to pollution.


! broken house – The day before yesterday: publication: The debut of the Turin band / collective combines the crescendo of post rock, the emotionality of the midwestern emo and a bold unpredictability of mathematical rock.

Baby Gang – Ep2: The dark plots of a complicated life open up to narrow, essential instrumental rhymes, where Baby Gang is told without any filter.

Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party – Ai!: The band’s “drama-synth-forced-wave” sank in Rome in the early 1990s, between dialectal, cinematic, and literary quotations and the eternal charm of the suburbs.

Call me – Post nostalgia: Chiamamifaro’s first album starts from the refuge of nostalgia to take this feeling beyond, overcoming its limits and celebrating memories without getting lost within them, but illuminating them for the future.

Emilio Stella – Desa: From folk to reggae, from rock to rap, Emilio Stella’s new album is polluted by many sound worlds, with the sea at the center of the album’s imagination.

Jake the Fury – Handmade iron: With raw bars that mirror slices of life that leave no room for imagination, the whole experience of Jake La Furia returns, accompanied by several generations of Italian rap and beyond.

Nabat, Criminal Class – TNT: The two historical formations Oi! they are in a split in which one covers the other and vice versa, to fix on vinyl the ten-year friendship of the two bands.

Nicolò Carnesi – The heroes do not come out on Saturday 2022: The reissue of the eponymous 2012 album, with many guests (including Fask, Dente and Lo Stato Sociale) to celebrate 10 years of its release.

Rayan and Intifaya – Dark days: The two Paduan rappers of Palestinian origin, blood brothers, tell their life experiences in a dark register, where they tell their demons that they can leave them behind.

Sea: side – Disturbance as a game: An ep built on a continuous, pulsating oscillation that never seems to stop, breaking like foam on geometric and minimal sound constructions.

Painting T – Bestof2020: T Vernice’s first ep takes the bedroom to a soft psychedelic dimension, to crystallize his daily life into a dreamy and hypnotic pop.


1789 – Booty: The intertwining of guitar and analog synthesizers create a nostalgic and dreamlike atmosphere, in which references to the 80s shine with light.

Alda, Guido Cagiva, Deriansky – Chokeslam: The Asian rapper trio Fake crosses their rhymes in the Red Bull format Maymixing its three distinctive styles in the best way possible.

An early bird – It crashes into me: The acoustic melodies of An Early Bird take flight in a romantic ballad, where pure and sincere love is sung where to take refuge.

Aries – Everything (with you): A dedication of love that speaks of an immense feeling that suddenly arises, where the initial disorientation becomes a passion in which to give up completely.

Budavari – It is derived: A new bag to travel far, in an eternal balance between our roots and a city we call home without really being home.

Caterina Barbieri – Terminal Clock: Caterina Barbieri’s synthetic vortex takes on a human, empathetic component, until the inevitable collapse on itself that explodes in the sky.

Don Diegoh, Claver Gold – My room: The rapper ‘s new single is added to the album’ s song list released in February Bye, see you tomorrowto offer a new piece of everyday life made of routine, creativity and days when love is imposed on everything.

drown – She’s here: Venetian singer-songwriter Drown climbs into a song full of unexpected diversions, fragments of different mosaics that give life to a path with a messy charm.

Mendoza – Will be: The Caserta trio is presented with the single Will bea slap of provincial lies through a simple but large-bodied noise rock.

Moci – Caresses and K of bad vibrations: a liberating cry after a long time in which anger has been repressed, written at a time when Moci understood that the only way to endure this pain is to transform it into a collective cry.

NAIP – I need: A surreal and very distorted tarantella, in which there is also room for an incision in the Calabrian dialect, to vent the frustration of everyday life.

Nebraska – Sant Llorenç: Nebraska pays homage to the historic Roman Quarter with a British pop ballad, set in another lost love story.

Palmaria – Odyssey / Spaceship: Palmaria signs her first single in Italian to find the courage to step out of her comfort zone.

Popa – Luxury touch: Sensuality, lightness, intimacy, Italy at the time of the PNRR seen through the dreamy eyes of Popa, who assumes a domesticity disenchanted with the semiotics of taste.

Overfilling – Vodka Sour: It is inside a cocktail party where Stramare reviews the regrets of a past summer, which again haunt him in a moment of loneliness at night.

Via – tiramisu: In the trap of a toxic relationship, Viò tries to get rid of a sinuous single that crosses soul and r’n’b, where the nostalgia of the past is contrasted with a strong desire for revenge.

Voodoo Kid – Forat black: Loneliness, anxiety, sadness and grief are all feelings that boil over Black hole interior of Voodoo Kid, in the form of a demon trying to defeat with this avant-garde single.

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