The best sunscreen for those who play outdoor sports

Running and sprinting outdoors, swimming in the pool, surfing the ocean, yoga in the woods or beach volleyball. Fans of outdoor physical activity during the summer season should protect themselves from solar radiation even at the peak of the action. However, it can happen that athletes, both amateurs and professionals, underestimate the effects of the sun’s rays during training. Wrong, because an hour (or more) of training under the sun without protection, even in the late afternoon when you think the rays are no longer dangerous, exposes the skin to the same damage caused by the classic tanning of the loungers. In addition to always remembering to choose the right sunscreen factor for your phototype, here are some of the best sunscreens in the area specially designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts even in summer. Invisible for application, they have ultra-light textures and a really functional packaging.

The sunscreen to “stick”

The ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport sunscreen is the ideal companion for those who practice outdoor sports thanks to the new design with practical carabiner. Its formula with Ginger Cell Protect, which contains ginger root extract with a strong antioxidant power, offers an immediate refreshing effect, protecting the skin with broad-spectrum UVB / UVA filters that leave no greasy residue. The ultra-light, breathable texture with an invisible finish is like a second skin. In addition, “Wet Skin” technology ensures that the product maintains its effectiveness even on sweat-soaked skin.

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Water and sweat resistant formula

Designed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, the entire Lancaster Sun Sport line offers high-performance protection that addresses 100% of the solar spectrum. Full Light technology acts as a global shield against UVB and UVA rays, which account for less than 10% of the solar spectrum, and protects against infrared radiation, which accounts for more than 90% of the remaining spectrum, in addition to penetrate deeply. on the skin. Invisible Face Gel SPF 30 is designed to protect the face during outdoor workouts: the non-sticky, non-comedogenic formula does not sting the eyes and guarantees effective protection with a pleasantly velvety and matte finish.

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Face protected and never shiny

Bionike Face Cream Mat 50+ is dry to the touch and counteracts the ruthless shiny effect that is often difficult to escape during exercise. The active normalizing ingredients of tallow present in the formula of this sunscreen will help you reduce the annoying greasy effect on the face that we all hate. Photoprotection acts on a wide spectrum, defending itself against UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and long-term biological damage thanks to a complex of active ingredients that strengthen the skin’s natural protection mechanisms. The product has been designed respecting the marine environment (does not contain Ocinoxate, Oxybenzone, Octocrilene and nano filters) so it goes very well with morning jogging on the beach with a well-deserved final bath attached.

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An invisible shield

Shiseido Sport Invisible Protective Mist 50+ leaves an extremely comfortable feeling of fresh, dry skin thanks to “Invisible Feel” technology, which uses volatile oils to evenly distribute the formula before it evaporates. In contact with water (sea, pool and even sweat) its highly protective veil with SPF 50+ is not only waterproof but is reinforced thanks to the “WetForce” technology, which uses perspiration to strengthen itself. The formula contains the Profense CEL complex which prevents signs related to photoaging such as wrinkles and uneven skin tone. The functional fragrance is synchronized with the perspiration, transforming it into a pleasant citrus aroma. Enriched with glycerin, it protects the skin and keeps it hydrated during exercise.

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The lot that messes up less than a smartphone

Super-practical packaging enthusiasts, designed to be carried comfortably anywhere, can’t ignore a novelty in the destination of moving sunscreen. The SVR brand has created the smallest lot ever produced, as thin as a Smartphone, pocket-sized and suitable to put in the pocket of shorts for an expressive gesture of protection. Sun Secure Spray Pocket 50+ provides UVA and UVB protection thanks to a combination of broad-spectrum biofilters. The antioxidant complex present in the formula also protects against infrared rays and photoaging. An ideal spray for the face and sensitive areas exposed to the sun such as the nose, cheekbones, ears and hands. The texture is light and not sticky.

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