Superheroes, a song for children in Ukraine and UNHCR

The music video for the song was released on April 10 and has already garnered over 10,000 views on Youtube. Superheroes, a song by the young Italian singer-songwriter Gianluca Prati, produced by Alex Achille of and Andrea Fresu of KeepHold. A song and a video dedicated to Ukraine, the proceeds of which will go entirely to UNHCR, which collaborated in the creation of the video clip by sending the photographs used at the time.

The video opens with a portrait of Volodymyr Zelensky and a quote from his Grammy night phrase: “Fill the silence of death with music.” The singer-songwriter’s images alternate with photos of Ukraine, the children’s faces, and the overlapping writings with the details of the conflict. Photos provided by UNHCR included in the video also to remember the work of the UN agency in the theater of the conflict. In the video, the author plays a soldier who throws a gun to the ground and grabs a guitar to fight evil and follow Zelensky’s call to fill the silence of death with music. Prati, a singer-songwriter from Velletrano born in 1995, tells the story of the project.

How were superheroes born?
I wrote this song about two years ago, on the occasion of the birth of my niece. The pictures that came from Ukraine, the photos of the children, stirred something inside me. Since I’m a very sensitive guy with these things, I empathized, I thought what words I would use if I had to say goodbye to my niece Miriam to go to war, and I thought about that song. Because there is always hope, superheroes are synonymous with hope and salvation. And we need to create hope, so we decided to donate what we would have earned to UNHCR. We wanted to give practical help, because in the end it is the facts that remain.

How has cooperation with UNHCR developed?
We talked to them, they were kind enough to give us some photos to put on the video, they gave us a big hand, we gave them a big hand. We are experiencing the worst moments of recent years and it affects everyone, it also affects us. The video also wants to show.

The song, after all, reminds us that we were all kids.
And as children we have always thought the same thing: that good can always overcome evil. We’ve relied on our superheroes, I take the example of Toy Story and Sheriff Woody, but each of us has had his or her own, from Goku to Superman. They made us feel protected, in a world different from the one we live in today, a world where the good always win. If I think of Ukrainian children, now I imagine them relying on their toys, their superheroes.

In the video clip, the images of Ukraine alternate and are successful. How did you choose them?
We wanted pictures to show the eyes of the children, also to show the fear, which we also felt the day we learned of the Russian attack. We told ourselves that the images should have sent a strong message and in addition to fear we also wanted to convey hope, because there are also photos in which refugees are helped. A little mix, also show who is approaching to help.

Above the images are the data, which photograph the situation at the time the video was made. Data that unfortunately is constantly updated.
I don’t like this kind of data so much, at first I was perplexed, but I interacted with a lot of people during the day and while I was talking about this project, people seemed to perceive the war in Ukraine as a distant reality. So I thought that this data makes sense in the context of the strong message to be sent, when you compare the last few days and the number of people who have disappeared, it is devastating. The war affects us, it is not certain that one day we will not be able to find ourselves in that situation and that we will be the ones who need help.

Superheroes can’t die. Who are the superheroes?
Superheroes are those who decide to help, anyone who makes this choice around us, who decides to shake hands with others, perhaps making their mistakes but putting themselves at the service of those who are in a weaker situation. Even in small things, like helping an old man cross the street. We can all be.

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