stuck to A1 between the shot. The tragedy of volleyball players

The date with a volleyball game in which one of them had to play, but unfortunately neither of them heard the whistle to start the game. They were trapped in the sheets, victims of that terrible accident that yesterday, around half past seven in the afternoon, cut the Autostrada del Sole in two between the Fabro and Chiusi tolls. Two women, both 35 years old, always friends, one native Sant’Angelo Romano the other of Tivoli in the province of Rome, they lost their lives as a result of that fierce carom that involved three heavy vehicles and five cars. The balance of the accident that took place on the A1 14 kilometers north of Fabro is dramatic if the injuries are also counted: at least four were found in the late afternoon. Some are in very serious condition but would not be in danger of death.

For the 35-year-old, however, the impact with the trucks was fatal. His car, a Fiat Panda, ended up crushed: they were taken dead from the sheets. According to a first reconstruction, they were going to a volleyball sports meeting because one of the two women had been practicing this activity for years. It was only in the evening that the families were reached, shocked by the agony of having to proceed with the reconnaissance of the bodies that were taken to the Siena Funeral Home. According to a first reconstruction of the facts provided by the Orvieto traffic police called to manage the accident with the coordination of Deputy Commissioner Stefano Spagnoli, in the section there was a slowdown in traffic, a queue, for the causes of which still we are trying to give light, when an articulated truck violently collided with two cars pushing them, and in fact crushing them, against another heavy vehicle in front of them. The truck in the back, in turn, ended up crashing into another heavy vehicle, involving in the impact two cars that were in the fast lane. And it was precisely among the occupants of the cars that ended up in the middle of the next major collision that the balance of the accident immediately seemed very serious to the first responders.

Several teams of firefighters arrived at the scene from Arezzo, Orvieto, Perugia and Siena and a working group of the Management of the trunk of Florence with a total deployment of 19 vehicles. Two men, aged 38 and 42, were taken alive from the sheets and taken by helicopter rescue from Grosseto and taken to Le Scotte Hospital in Siena. They suffered multiple fractures but would not endanger their lives, but remained hospitalized for observation. Two other people, who were seriously injured by rescue medical personnel, were taken in an ambulance with a red code. In addition to the Orvieto traffic police, the 118 Umbrian health workers also arrived at the scene with ambulances from Fabro, Orvieto and Città della Pieve, Siena Court prosecutor Nicola Marini and Deputy Prosecutor Niccolò Ludovici, competent for the territory. accident that occurred in the municipality of Cetona (Siena). Now it will be necessary to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident, to exclude that the maxi shock from behind was caused by bad weather: at 14.30 the rain had not yet arrived in this section. More likely, however, a risky maneuver, speed or an attempt to overtake by one of the three trucks involved.

As a result of the accident, the section of the motorway was closed for hours, causing enormous inconvenience to the roads and long queues of traffic to Florence and the capital. Traffic was revived only at 7.30pm but by 8.34pm there was still a 15km queue. Therefore, Autostrade recommended the Orte exit for motorists heading to Florence to take the Perugia-Bettole connection and return to the A1 at Valdichiana. For users heading to Rome, it is recommended to leave Valdichiana, take the Perugia-Bettole connection to return to the A1 to Orte.

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