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On Sunday, June 5, with an exciting opening ceremony, the Olympic Stadium “Grande Torino” inaugurated the XXXVII Special Olympics National Summer Games and there was also a great representation of Cuneo, with the athletes of the ASD Friend Sport.

“This was my first experience at the Special Olympics Summer Games and I can only define it in one word: fantastic! I participated as a sports couple with the boys of athletics and I must admit that running the 4 × 100 relay with them was a real mountain of emotions, between joy, happiness and a lot of anguish “, says the young Luigi de eighteen years. student of the Higher School of Human Sciences of Cuneo.

In Turin there were 20 sports present, but Amico Sport, with its 53 athletes present, participated in athletics, swimming, open water, rhythmic gymnastics and bowling.

Only in athletics with the 50, 100, 800 and 1500 meters flat, the long jump, the ball throw, the weight throw, the 4 × 100 meter relay and the 4 × 100 meter unified relay, went out on the track : Balbis Sergio, Borgna Samuele, Costa Patrik, Cravero Marco, Dardanelli Donatella, Lai Livio, Marchiò Alessio, Pace Vincenzo, Rosano Giorgio, Sechi Sonia, Testa Fabio, Perra Francesco Saverio, Prono Fulvio and the youngest in their first matches, Gallizio Cecilia and Giuliano Enrico. The partner athletes involved in the unified relay were Garello Martina and Rossomonte Luigi; Testa Mario coach and companions: Sechi Valentina, Bertaina Silvia, Civalleri Alessandro, Migliore Nicolò and Migliore Giorgio.

Excellent performances also in rhythmic gymnastics with exercises with tape, ball, rope, single and unified hoop; Candellero Chiara, Ellena Annalucia, Petrisor Paula, Renaudo Michela, Verra Valentina took the platform of the single, while the unified couples were formed by Bottero Arianna with partner athlete Olivero Carlotta and Bernardi Bruna with partner athlete Podestà Angelica. At the head of the rhythmic gymnastics team are the coaches: Bianco Isabella and Sciolla Andreana.

The Cuneo athletes then dedicated themselves to bowling, led by coaches Damilano Cristina, Brunetto Sergio and Vernetti Aldo and accompanied by Gaggero Diego and Viada Silvana; Here are the names of the protagonists: Ballatore Paolo, Begliardo Paola, Busso Massimo, Dalmasso Giorgio, Dalmasso Nicola, Galliano Daniele, Garino Paolo, Gentile Enrico, Gribaudo Daniela, Lamberti Luca, Lovera Anna, Messa Armando, Peirone Davide and Pettavino Luca.

Probably the largest group was the swimmers with 19 athletes. Castellino Patrik, Di Tria Salvatore, Dutto Pamela, Gautero Daniele, Ghigo Antonio, Giuliano Mattia, Grosso Dimitri, Labate Emilia, Moletti Anthony, Revelli Silvano, Selleri Valerio, Soumahoro Namory Junior, Tagliabue Andrea, Tovoli Biancagiulia will enter the water , Meriano Giorgia, Varrone Pietro and Giove Mattia, the latter two in their debut at the National Games.

Highlight the actions carried out in open water by Culasso Mattia and Santini Simone, with their respective partners Sammarco Michela and Dutto Anna. The technicians of the swimming expedition were Marseille Giacomo, Quartuccio Laura, Azara Alessandro, Barral Sara, Quebella Katia and Mussida Pietro; accompanying Jupiter Simon.

In these Special Summer Olympics Special Olympics in Turin, thanks to the collaboration with the Cuneo Social Cooperative Proposal80, the Cuneo association also had the opportunity to participate in the demonstration of the MATP program (Training Program of Motor Activities). The MATP program is a training program designed for children and adults with severe and very severe intellectual disabilities and physical and / or sensory disabilities with an associated intellectual disability and only Athletes who cannot participate in the competitions provided for in each regulation. sports coach offered by Special Olympics Italy.

For MATP Amico Sport, athletes Isoardi Tiziana, De Petris Tiziana, Supertino Sara, Picotto Alberto, Raspo Valentina, De Donatis Alessadro, Zouzi Osama and Ferrero Cristina accompanied by Perosino Margherita, Sanino Luca, Olivero Martina, Count Alice, Calandra Claudia, Head Roberta, Isaiah Giulia, Erika Vit and Francesco Lorusso.

Five wonderful days, where the boys were finally able to return to savor normalcy, made up of “competitions”, events, autonomy, friendships, hugs and above all smiles; On behalf of our entire association, I thank the athletes, volunteers, caregivers and families because without them Amico Sport would not exist and we would not be able to live unforgettable moments like those in Turin. Special thanks to Rocchia Fabrizio and Dogliani Elisabetta, who with me were part of the organization of the event and to “Ica” Dutto who was also “assigned” as a technician in the management of swimming competitions; many hardships, but all amply rewarded by seeing these very special athletes happy, ”confirms the president of Amico Sport, Cristina Bernardi.


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