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Barcelona is one of the most beloved European cities by Italians, a lively and creative destination not only for a holiday but also, and above all, to change your life, find new job opportunities and be able to express your talent freely. A dream that often comes true: according to data from AIRE (Register of Italians living abroad) nIn 2019, the number of Italians transferred to Spain was 213,000, 99,000 of whom live in Barcelona.

Some of these stories, all female, are told show Italian girls of the portrait photographer Alessia Laudoniwhich will be inaugurated on the day September 2, 2021 (Free admission) in the garden of the Palau Robert.

In this historic oasis of vegetation in the heart of Barcelona, ​​which surrounds the elegant neoclassical building of the late nineteenth century, will be exhibited 28 portraits large format, expression of the talent of Italian womenof their professionalism and creativity that has led them to hold positions of international prestige in various fields, right in Barcelona.

Watch the video and find out who the “Italian girls” are.

Of astrophysics Nanda Rea a Caterina Biscaridirector of the Alba Synchrotron, by the award-winning architect Benedetta Tagliabue to the lighting designer Michela Mezzavillato the protagonists of fashion in different eras, Antonia Dell’Atte I Renata Zanchia Chiara Bombardipresident of slow food Barcelona, ​​or the secretary general of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, Federica Falzetta (pictured above), just to name a few.

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In addition to talent, what unites their stories of excellence is also the experience of travel in search of freedom and the assertion of one’s own identity. The exhibition, in fact, includes more than a hundred photographs that pay homage to the Catalan city, explained through the chosen places, both by the “Italian girls” themselves and by the photographer Alessia Laudoni, because they are especially significant for to his personal history. .

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The experimental and research nature of these stories is emphasized and even more vivid by the particular photographic style used: freehand shots, made entirely in the open air without the use of artificial light, in analog and digital, in color and in black and white, also using films that have expired for more than twenty years and without post-production tweaks. According to the portraitist, the project has become an “experimental report” the result of which was, to the last, unpredictable.

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Italian girls It is a project in which I feel deeply identified, as a woman and as a person who has lived abroad for most of her university and professional life, ”explains the consul. Danish subject that, through the Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona and in collaboration with the platform Dreamers Academy, devised and promoted the project. “That’s why I know how important every land that welcomes us is, that nourishes us by creatively transforming our identity and knows how to feed on our qualities.”

The exhibition is also accompanied by an illustrated book with images different from the ones on display, which completes the global vision of the photographic story, and four inspiring talks entitled The breakfast of the Muses which will take place in September at the headquarters of Casa Seat, as an opportunity for debate, experiences and ideas, to give voice to talented women and generate new possibilities for listening and dialogue.

Garden of the Palau Robert Passeig de Gràcia, 107, Barcelona
from September 2 to October 3, 2021
Free admission
contacts: Consulate of Italy in Barcelona

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