Revolution in football: goodbye to hand throws

Football and the future. Football of the future and new rules. A small big revolution in football is on its way. In an attempt to change the rules to limit lost time and make the game faster and more spectacular, the desire to limit ‘dead time’ and unnecessary delays (pending the introduction of effective time …), football could touch another cornerstone of its history: remove the service with your hands.

“Right now, side kicks and free throws are the times when we lose the most time,” Arsène said several times. Wenger, who since November 13, 2019 has been appointed head of world football development by FIFA. And then the solution could come from another sport, futsal (football 5) precisely: “To make the game more spectacular and faster, the throws could be played with the feet, but with a limit of five seconds.” As in futsal, where the ball has to be placed behind the sideline and thrown back into play, all in five seconds.

The proposal ofBoard of the International Football Association (IFAB) this is precisely the fact: he no longer puts the ball back on the field with his hands, but directly with his feet. This would speed up the return to the ball game, creating a new goal opportunity and also helping the show: “Five minutes from the end,” Wenger continued, “a lineout won on the front court should be an advantageous opportunity. But statistics show that eight out of ten attackers lose the ball, also because the team that draws the line-up actually plays with one man less, so we should have the opportunity to play with the feet ”.

To tell the truth, there is already a scope of application of this rule in today’s football: in fact, in the categories of football schools (Pulcini and Esordienti), the shots are fought with the feet and not with the hands (obviously). without any time limit). However, if “experimentation” is successful, the rule will apply to all categories and levels of football.

IFAB Indeed, announced that this new rule will be tested in the 2023/24 season in the Eerste Divisie, the Dutch Second Division Championship, along with other possible regulatory innovations. First of all, as has been said, the real time of the race that has been talked about for a long time. In the meantime, however, the IFAB has finally approved the five substitutions in three bands, an experiment started for the first time since the pandemic and which has proven to have a positive impact on the game. Gianni Infantinopresident of the FIFA, said IFAB will now develop test protocols, which should be ready by the end of the year. The proposal was made by the Dutch Football Association, which last year carried out the first tests in youth competitions.

“While we may be a little skeptical about some of these measures, IFAB is also open to reviewing any proposals that are made,” he said. Infantino at a press conference in Doha. The idea of ​​limiting the shots with the feet and five seconds would aim to avoid wasting time and prevent teams from taking advantage of the break to send many players to the rival area for a long pass.

Not only. Other tests will be performed to assess whether a match should be timed when the ball is in play instead of a 90-minute, classic real-time duration. “We are trying to find a solution in this regard. We all think that it is not really acceptable that if the game is 90 minutes, only 46, 47 or 48 will be played “, said Infantino.

Currently, pending the guidelines and regulations on the subject, there are many nodes to solve: the 5 seconds must be calculated from the moment the ball comes out or from the moment the team is in possession ? Can kicking lead to offside positions or not? Lots of doubts and questions but in the meantime the experimentation will begin.

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