“Respect and sincerity failed”

VENICE – Hold on low tones of the voice, softens the corners with the words, hides the smile. There is only one thing Paolo Poggi52 years, now former technical director of Venice, unable to hide: bright eyes and great disappointment. Inside. He summons journalists to explain the reason for his resignation, not to argue, “or to oppose anyone,” he hurries to premise, before explaining what prompted him to end an adventure that lasted all life: the first kicks to a ball. in the pine forest of Sant’Elena, a career open and closed with the shirt of Venice, a second life as a coach in the lagoon that lasted 6 years. All finished.
For different reasons, say it now. Starting with lack of reconfirmation as sporting director of Mattia Collauto, a fraternal friend even before being an orange and green adventure companion. “It’s one of the most important reasons, but it’s not the only one,” says Poggi. I think he did a good job in two years as director and seven as head of the youth sector. We started this adventure together, I am very attached to him and I chose friendship, brotherhood, rather than work. I am a big stickI have principles that I can’t betray, but that’s how I am ”.

But there is also more to his farewell, than in vain Niederauer tried to avoid offering him a contract renewal: “It was my feeling: when you no longer feel fit in a place it’s right leave space for those who feel online, it certainly does more. I no longer felt respected for the values ​​of the club I knew, mine and those of the club no longer ran parallel. And it didn’t seem right to me to continue, with respect for society and people, but especially for myself. And by values ​​I mean respect and sincerity, which have failed. Not always, but once is enough for me. Sometimes you can forgive, and I did, but then that’s enough. This is not about judging my profession, but about questioning my person: and I can’t accept that at all. “
Even at the cost of leaving a place that for nothing in the world would have liked to leave. Where was one of the few who put his face, when things started to go wrong.

“It simply came to our notice then responsibility that he had to do it, along with Mattia, in a statement in defense of Mint, using the word responsibility: but we only used it. I’m glad you did it with Mattia, if you think you were wrong it is correct to admit errors. . Leaving was not an easy choice, from one to ten I’m sorry. Here a Taliercio I painted the bleachers, sowed the field, threw the sawdust so the grass wouldn’t freeze in the winter. But for the good of the club, sometimes you have to take a step back, even though I am and will be a fan of Venice. “

And it doesn’t matter if the future now, without its flag and that of Collauto waving on Ancona Avenue, seems more like a gamble than a gamble. “It is not said that whoever arrives is not better,” says Poggi, “one cannot judge without first seeing the facts. We were a kind of guarantee, but we don’t have to be the best in our roles, on the contrary. We have transmitted all our passion, of course.
Why being Venetian or not, knowing the city or not, makes all the difference in the world, even if someone inside the club has a hard time understanding: “Being Venetian is an added value. This is not a company like any other, there is nothing to do. There are the top clubs, the middle ones, the small ones and then there’s Venice. Everything is different here. Venezia Fc represents a city that cannot be like the others. If you are not fully involved, you cannot understand it: you have to understand its rhythms, its mentality. It has 1600 years of history and has always been an international city, now it has not. Either you have these things inside, or you betray them. I You can’t betray Veniceit is too high above all of us.
After all, that’s why Poggi leaves: not to betray Venice. By choosing to regain the reins of the Soccer school to Nettuno Lido: “I will return to take care of myself children: they give a lot of satisfaction ».

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