Quintana, to open the hostilities to the fair will be Zannori de La Mora

From our special correspondent GILBERTO SCALABRINI

Foligno, June 18, 2022 – The magic of the historical parade is back! It returned after two years of forced shutdown by the pandemic and was one of the most exciting moments of the Giostra della Quintana.

Last night Foligno fell into the Baroque era with its sumptuous historic promenade of local representatives who roamed the streets of the historic center, colored by the flags of the ten districts.

The beautiful Eleonora Pieroni de Foligno

The procession was especially spectacular, almost to make up for the two years of absence. According to Civil Protection, about 50,000 people attended. Streets full of people. Disappointed, the diners and spectators gathered in Piazza San Domenico where, due to a technical misunderstanding of the service, the amplification was skipped and the parade passed in silence, without any comment, an explanation from the speaker that should have Illustrated the charm of so much. splendor. Not only new clothes but also beautiful allegories and an exceptional equestrian group.

The show opened “of the allegory of the elements”Elaborated entirely by the Artistic Commission of the Giostra entity with the collaboration of the Prometeus group.

Mayor Stefano Zuccarini in the 17th century carriage

The costumes, entirely handmade, were made by the architect Simone Agostini. A “dynamic” allegory that took over from the festivities and theatrical performances of the seventeenth century. But there were also many “surprises”Prepared by the ten districts that enriched the procession.

There were also unscheduled events, such as the comings and goings of two late horses who, during the procession, crossed the Via Gramsci to enter Piazza delle Erbe and reach the neighborhood. The audience had to dodge, protecting the children and the entourage beat the rhythm for a few minutes. The same thing happened in the Ammanniti district: the rider recovered the parade horse in Piazza del Grano.

With the exception of these two episodes, a Tuscan commissioned a Gianburrasca who, piercing the procession, jokingly gave small slaps to several disguised friends. “If you do it in Siena,” he said, “they’ll kick you out of Piazza del Campo.” And Gianburrasca: “But here I am in Foligno!”

Applause for Quintana’s official godmother Federica Moro and international godmother Eleonora Pieroni, who recently appeared in the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival and who participated in the film “Dante” by director Pupi Avati which will be released in cinemas in September.

For 76 years, a thin thread has linked the story of this seventeenth-century tale with the loud call of the musicians, with the drum of the horses’ hooves on the asphalt, with the arrogance of the knights and the beauty of the ladies.

La Quintana is one of the most charming moments in the beautiful country, in the green heart of Italy, where on the occasion of the evening of the eve of the Carousel, the style of Italian tailoring, that craftsmanship and hard work transmitted for generations in other countries envy. To create a costume, the theater tailors are inspired by a painting, a fresco, an important work from an Italian or international museum.

At the head of the central committee is the president of the Giostra organization. The industrialist Domenico Metelli, followed by his magistrates and the allegory of the elements that preceded the chariot of the simulacrum of the Aquintana, the god Mars. The painting opened with the sun and the moon, then characterized by the girls representing the air, water, earth and fire with clothes made entirely by hand by the architect Simone Agostini, vice president of the artistic commission of the Ente Giostra.

The clothes were inspired by costumes made for parties and for theatrical performances of the seventeenth century. The four elements were surrounded by the actors of the group Protemos of the director Giacomo Nappini.

Following the banner of the city of Foligno. Wearing 17th-century clothes, Mayor Stefano Zuccarini paraded aboard one carriage period and the city council-

Immediately after the districts. The first was Cassero, winner of the revenge fair in September 2021, then the other nine in order of arrival in the classification: Contrastanga, Morlupo, Ammanniti, Croce Bianca, Badia, Spada, Giotti, Pugilli and La Mora.

After 11.40 pm, the ceremony will take place in the square. He gave the candle to the bishop of Foligno, Mons. Domenico Sorrentino. President Metelli then spoke, then the mayor and finally the bishop.

Extraordinary moment the unique sound of the drummers of the district that welcomed the entrance of the binomials for the rite of the matrícula. Finally, the draw for the competition order for the justice of God tomorrow evening: the first to open hostilities will be Mattia Zannori of La Mora, followed by Lorenzo Paci of Croce Bianca, Pierluigi Chicchini of Spada, Lorenzo Melosso of Badia , Massio Gubbini. by Giotti, Luca Innocenzi by Cassero, the newcomer Nicholas Lionetti by Pugilli, Daniele Scarponi by Contrastanga, Tommaso Finestra by Ammanniti and Alessandro Candelori by Morlupo

The evening ended at 00:25 with the reading of the announcement performed by Claudio Pesaresi.


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