Poste Italiane football team: 4 Sicilians in the team: there is Nicolosi

They are between 27 and 36 years old, are registered at the amateur level and are among the 30 selected by Mr. Angelo Di Livio. Interview with Biancavilla striker Salvatore Nicolosi

Back on the field National Italian Post Office, the football team that represents the Company in charitable initiatives and tournaments. After the shutdown by the pandemic and on the occasion of the important 160th birthdayPoste Italiane has decided to continue its path of proximity to communities and presence in the territory, promoting sport and inclusion.

The four Sicilian players

In the squad selected by the coach Angelo Di Liviothe Sicily has a conspicuous representation with four players respectively from the provinces of Palermo, Messina, Catania I Agrigento, and who resides in Sicily, central and northern Italy. It is about:

  • Giuseppe Campisi (defender), 36, of Caccamo, acting as postman in Siena, enrolled as an amateur in the formation of MC Valdichiana;
  • Paolo Corradino (goalkeeper), 36, of Mistretta, working as a postman in Villafranca d’Asti, registered with Alba Calcio;
  • Salvatore Maria Nicolosi (attacker), 33, from Catania, who works in the Sicilian city as a boarder, registered with FC Belpasso;
  • Luca Tripoldi (defender), 27-year-old Ribera, postman in Lonigo in the Veneto, registered with the ACD Spes Poiana.

From Inter in Catania to Belpasso: this is Salvatore Nicolosi

Salvatore Nicolosi was born in Milan, where he took his first steps in the field at the age of eight. Enter the professional youth sector of Pro Sesto and then be bought of Inter, very young category. After this experience is delivered to the Catania football competing in the category of National Students to access the National Championship of “Spring” and also train with the first team. Since 2009 he has played in the Serie D amateur leagues, Excellence and most recently in the Promotion so far for FC Belpasso.

“My family comes from Biancavilla,” says Salvatore. At the age of 15, thanks to his move, we were able to return to Sicily. I had no doubt: I would rather follow my family even if it meant giving up the dream of playing for a team like Inter. Three years ago, with a master’s degree in Economics in hand, I was able to follow in my father’s footsteps as an employee of the Italian Post Office and since then I have been working at the counter of the Catania 10 post office in via Lavaggi. “.

The only Catania present in pink

For the left-footed striker,being chosen for the Italian national football team is a great honor. It’s because I’m the only one from Catania on the staff and I represent my land as well as my company. But even more so because I know how proud my father is from the top of this success and I know that, as he always did following me on every football trip as a child, he will continue to proudly encourage me. To him and my family, I hope that I will soon dedicate my first time to the turf with the yellow and blue jersey number 16 ”.

The election of Mr. Angelo Di Livio

Among the more than 400 applications received by employees of the different structures of the Poste Italiane Group, 60 players were invited to take part in the selection tests. After about two intense days of technical testing and training, Mr. Angelo Di Livio chose him 30 footballers who will wear the yellow and blue jersey of the Poste Italiane team and will soon be out on the charity field across the country.

In the year of its 160th anniversary, among the many activities scheduled, Poste Italiane also returns from football with the aim of promoting sports and team play, inside and outside the company, and to support solidarity initiatives once again confirming his vocation as a social leader. company.

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