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Phoenix Rising, in the docufilm directed by Amy Berg, actress Evan Rachel Wood tells the private facts of her violent and tormented relationship with Marilyn Manson. The miniseries premieres at Sky Documentaries on June 16 and 24 at 9:15 p.m.

The docufilm is about to arrive in Italy Phoenix Rising which investigates the private and painful events recounted by the American actress Evan Rachel Wood about the couple’s problems between her and her ex-partner Brian Warnerin art Marilyn manson. In the miniseries directed by Amy Berg, we go down into the maze of the damaged relationship between the actress and Manson. Get into the story of a relationship based on violence and ill-treatment. The two-part documentary on Phoenix Rising will air Documentaries of the sky on 16 and 24 June at 9.15 pm (Sky channels 122 and 402).

The upcoming TV series focuses on Wood’s sentimental story and is characterized by complicated and difficult phases in which he fell victim to domestic violence by the famous American singer. After a troubled path full of frustration and discouragement, the activist has decided to do so make public its history. I denounce the violence suffered within the relationship with Marilyn Manson. The former couple undertook the link in 2006. There is a considerable age difference between the two: she is still eighteen years old and he is thirty-seven, with a well-established reputation. By 2020, Wood and Manson had even announced an impending wedding.


The docufilm of the sky

Phoenix Risingafter the debut a HBOpremieres in Sky Documentaries, at first glance, at both events 16 and 24 June at 9:15 p.m.. The display is also available on demand and streaming NOW.

The thorny affair between the two VIPs erupted in the media February 1, 2021. The actress and activist has it he publicly revealed through his Instagram account that he was victim of acts of violence by Brian Warner, known to the public as Marilyn Manson. There is a great outcry among the public that the publication has aroused worldwide.

Wood Manson

The docufilm, produced by HBO and directed by Amy Berg, he talks about the abuses he suffers Evan Rachel Manson wood. In first part proposes the parable of the race by the American actress. Focusing on the roles he has played in films such as Thirteen, Down in the Valley, Running With Scissors. Yes it also analyzes the connection between the artist’s vital precedents that may have subconsciously influenced his choice to romantically bond with the well-known singer.

There second part of the TV miniseries enters raw history, marked with violence and aggression lived in the skin of Evan Rachel Wood. Phoenix Rising confirms the story of the woman, revealing the different ones to the public evidence and testimonies which make Wood’s painful story come true.

Evan Rachel Wood

Phoenix Rising’s social complaint

At the same time, it opens up a reflection on role of the media in society. And about their responsibility when they spread domestic violence news too superficially this they often peck at the victimalways woman, acquitted the author of the persecutory acts when it comes to a famous person, in this case Marilyn Manson. Therefore, an accuser against the media world accustomed to flying over and over the pain and open wounds of so many victims.

Phoenix Rising

This painful experience caused the actress to report. And, almost ten years later, coming out of the suffocating tweezers of the toxic relationship with the famous singer, Wood has used his personal story as a example and for the benefit of many other women victims of violence. To convey the courage to come out and denounce. His contribution is important at the political level in support of the cause, pushing for the causeapproval of the Phoenix Act. This is the law extending the statute of limitations for crimes of violence domesticated in the state of California. Evan Rachel Wood has used her fame and private life with exemplary quality in the service of the male authority slave women audience.

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