Open Arms, the Deception of the Emergency Psychological Relationship: Immigrants Suffered Anger and Sadness

There Psychological report on immigrants what they were aboard the Open Arms – and on the basis of which i illegal immigrants were landed in Italy – It’s not over individual interviews with psychologists, immigrant by immigrantas anyone would have expected it to be, but instead it was done collectively since, according to the professional who certifies the state of discomfort of non-EU citizensera “impossible ”to do individual interviews since, that’s the reason, on board after so many days of waiting a situation of “closure” had also been created with regard to the psychologist.

For this reason the Emergency professional had not produced concrete relationships and that’s why – he reconstructed theMatteo Salvini’s lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno – It had been repeated requests for accurate information for that landing of the most serious cases.

Not only that, the the immigrants disembarked from the Open Arms because, according to the certification of the emergency psychologist, they suffered from “anger, sadness, depression“.

When that Emergency psychologist Alessandro Di Benedetto signed individual reports activated health status of five immigrants aboard the Open Arms in August 2019, “the people – revealed today l‘the lawyer Giulia Bongiornolegal of Matteo Salvinand, during thelistening to Open Arms in progress a Palermowho sees theformer Minister of the Interior accused of kidnapping and denial of official documents -eren he left the same day“with four companions.

During his deposition he psychologist stressed that “all migrants were ill“And that” the The symptoms of migrants on board were the same for everyone: anger, sadness, depression“.

Per For Benedict “As soon as the report was more detailed, the 5 people involved had gone to the ground quickly. But by Emergency there were no other satisfactory answers “.

During thecourt hearing was also heard Emanuela Garronithat August 2019 was Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Interior.

During his deposition to the Open Arms Processin progress in the bunker room of the Ucciardone prison from Palermo there Garroni made important clarifications.

Meanwhile, responding tothe lawyer Giulia Bongiornolegal of League leaderHe explained that “recently there was the story of Anis AmriTheBerlin Christmas Market bomber, dead then in a rest in Milanthat had come Lampedusa. This information had also been released recently and this is obvious the level of attention has increased. It was our duty to do so“.

Basically, “understanding that the saving lives at sea is a primary and inalienable goal and it can’t be questioned, as a result of known facts of international terrorismwhich have also covered Italy and specific assessments of illegal immigrationin the’identification of landing areas They came made assessments in which security action prevailed“.

But the Garroni he specified it even without the intervention of the judiciary aArms openwhich remained for days in August 2019 waiting to be able to disembark the 147 illegal immigrants recovered by NGOs in the Central Mediterraneana Pos.

Not only. There witnesses he specified that “at the time it was The Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salviniin general they were 9 decrees have been passed banning traffic and parking, signed by the three competent ministers. And that happened even after the Open Arms case“Then the ministers were called. How did thethe former Giuseppe Conte.

On July 15, in the bunker room of the Ucciardone Prison in Palermothethe former Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta. And, in case of impediment of the latter, thethe former Minister of Infrastructure, Danilo Toninelli.

“A ‘really positive hearinghe says at the end Giulia Bongiornolawyer offormer Minister of the Interior.

Forlawyer “It simply came to our notice then listen to the prosecutors” I am “Extremely positive elements emerged” and the correction of the procedure followed in the case of Open Arms“.

In reference to the deposition by Emanuela Garroni, Good morning he added: “Like the the dam of the ship arrived when it was about to give the Pos“.

For Salvini’s lawyer “It simply came to our notice then identified a situation of possible risk of illegal immigration and they had been identified some anomalies in Open Arms itself that he had carried out self-help“.

However, no statement since League leader. Matteo Salvini left the Ucciardone prison non-stop talking to reporters.

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