More than 200 people at the Frontemare for Calcio d’Estate 2022 •

The 2022 edition of “Summer Football”the historic summer broadcast of Icaro TV dedicated to local football. More than 200 peopleincluding directors, coaches, football players and parents of young athletes attended the evening, presented by Roberto Bonfantini on the outside stage of the restaurant Seafronton the beach of Miramare.

A place much appreciated by many attendees. The opening of the evening was received by the FIGC – Delegation of Rimini, represented by the delegate Sergio Francoby the sub-delegate Maurizio Bianchiby the secretary Floriano Evangelisti and the component Giordano Giacomini.

The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Sports, Culture and the Environment of Montefiore Conca City Council, Francesco Tainiand the secretary of the AIAC (Italian Association of Football Coaches) in Rimini, Mauro Belpanithen presented themeeting-debate “Football is also played with the feet”organized by the Sports Department of the City of Montefiore Cuenca and scheduled Friday, June 24 at 9 pm at the Filippo Raciti Arena of the Malatesta Fortress.

Then it was time to step up to the stage for the companies present, starting from Rimini FCwith the lord Marco Gaburro represent the first team and the head of the Youth Sector, Marco Rogulettito accompany theUnder 15 Elite of Mr. Francesco Berretta, regional champion.

Following the Promosport Rimini (with the coach-instructor Ilaria Giorgito the staff of the television program Icaro “Calcio.Basket”), il Del Duc Grama Calcio of the President Gianni Grandu with i Very young 2008provincial champions, the Diego of the President Massimo Amaduccithe Tropical coriander of the President Tiziano Marzithe San Marino Academypresent with representatives of women’s futsal and women’s futsal (coordinated by the director of the futsal team and DS futsal team, Angelo Novelli), the Riccione Women’s Soccer with the girls fromUnder 17 yearsregional champions, accompanied by the manager Alfredo Pitonsothe Pietracuta (on stage with the DS Sandro Conti and the coach Luca Fregnani), the Misano of the President Luca Signoriniaccompanied by the DS Marco Semprini and the team leader Elia Ubaldinithe Cervia Calcio 1920 (that on June 25 and 26 will celebrate the Centenarians) with the directors on stage Claudio Montanari I Riccardo Lacchinithe Stella Sports Centerwith the vice president Massimiliano Astolfithe technician Riccardo Boldrini and numerous executives at the table, the Riccione FC 1926 with the technician Denis Iencinella and their boys, and with the head of the Youth Sector, Salvatore Micale.

Amateur football window withArzon, who has been participating in the Uisp championship for five years, bringing his values ​​and his “no to bullying” to the fields. With the team leader, Cristian Cevoliwas presented on heart game “A kick to bullying”scheduled Saturday July 9 at the “Nicoletti” stadium in Riccione and the benefits of which will be earmarked Stop it I AIL (Icaro TV is a media partner).

Then the Royal St. Clement of the President Geo Mularoni and the coach Simone DonatiTheRiminicalcio VB Academywith the first team coach, Alessandro Mosconithe coach of the Giovanissimi 2008 (winners of the provincial championship), Gabriel Vanniand the First Kicks coach Mirco Amaduzziand theRiccione World Academywith the vice president Diego Tinti and the technician Lorenzo Maioli.

“It was a beautiful afternoon just a few meters from the sea – comments Roberto Bonfantinidirector of Icaro Sport -. I think the location and atmosphere of the evening, both weather and excitement, contributed to the excellent success of this edition, in which we alternated first teams and youth sectors. I thank all the companies that responded present, the staff of Frontemare and the De Luca brothers for the always magnificent hospitality, Attilio Fabbri, who helped me a lot, as always, in the organization of the event, and the sponsors: Purogano, Med Cars and Macron Store Rimini. The next appointment with our sports evenings on the Paseo Marítimo will be on Tuesday 28 June with the Rimini and Riccione Sports Prize “Caffè Giglio” 2022 ″.

“Calcio d’Estate” will be broadcast on Icaro TV (channel 18) this evening (Friday) at 21:00.

There photo gallery Edited by Giuseppe Colonna.

There photo gallery Edited by Filippo Agostini.

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