Microsoft announces Viva Sales, redefining the sales experience and improving productivity

Viva Sales works in synergy with any CRM solution to automate data entry and puts artificial intelligence at the disposal of the sales force within the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams collaboration and productivity platforms

Milan, June 16, 2022 – Microsoft announces it Microsoft Viva Salesa new application for the seller experience. Viva Sales enriches any CRM system with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams customer engagement data, and leverages AI to provide ad hoc suggestions and valuable information to the sales force, allowing them to stay more connected with their customers. In this way the sales force can easily customize the relationship with customers, leading to a more effective management of the sales cycle.

In today’s hybrid world, employees have become more demanding with employers, in terms of the tools used, the schedules, and the work environment. This is especially true for marketers. Viva Sales allows sales roles to obtain information from Microsoft 365 and Teams by removing manual data entry and receiving recommendations and reminders based onartificial intelligence, without having to interrupt the workflow. Viva Sales enhances the experience of sales staff by integrating valuable information in the right context, within the tools already used by sales staff, saving time and providing the organization with an overview of the customer.

The future of sales does not lie in a new system, but in providing business roles with the information they need at the right time, in the right context, with the tools they know, in order to gain work experience. ” . he stated Judson AlthoffExecutive Vice President of Microsoft and CCO. “The goal we set ourselves was that sales figures could spend more time with the customer, and we did so by rethinking the sales experience with Viva Sales.. “

Sales representatives use digital collaboration and productivity tools to connect with customers and manage the sales cycle, but much of the knowledge they gain from these tools does not flow into their CRM.“, explain Paul Greenberg, founder and CEO of The 56 Group. “Microsoft accepted the challenge by offering a fully integrated CRM solution. Viva Sales automates the workflow, collects critical customer information and helps salespeople do their job. “


Viva Sales is based on Microsoft Viva, the platform launched last year to enable an integrated employee experience, combining communications, knowledge, learning, goals and knowledge to enable people and teams to give their best anywhere. Viva Sales is the first application designed specifically for sales functions.

  • Viva Sales provides salespeople with the tools they need to do their job and makes relevant information available to managers. As they run their business, sales figures can tag a customer in Outlook, Teams, or Office applications like Excel, allowing Viva Sales to automatically acquire it as a “customer record” and accompany it with all the data. relevant. Until now, it was not possible to automatically capture this level of customer engagement data, which can be easily shared with colleagues via the Office and Teams interface, without having to retype or search a CRM solution.
  • Driven by data and artificial intelligence, Viva Sales suggests steps to accompany the customer in the sales process, indicates priorities and developments, and allows vendors access to the relationship and previous interaction materials with the customer. The customer’s insights obtained in real time allow us to better understand what phase of the trip the customer is in, in order to direct the relationship in the right direction.
  • Viva Sales also offers AI-based tips to help marketers improve customer relationships by optimizing the sales cycle with the best suggestions on next steps, reminders, and tips to speed up sales. Viva Sales uses Context IQ, announced last fall, to ensure the integration of relevant content within Microsoft services and applications, such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, so that vendors can save time and not disrupt workflow.

With Viva Sales, a new category of applications dedicated to the sales experience is being created. Microsoft has a unique position to offer such applications within the collaboration and productivity applications that are already in use.

For more information, visit the official Microsoft Blog.

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