Matese in Jazz. A “new” music from the Liceo Galilei, “behind the art acts is a gym of life” • Clarus

June 9 with the act Matese in Jazz the students of the Liceo Musicale G. Galilei of Piedimonte Matese have completed the “Jazz and New Musical Languages ​​Project 2022” experimentally promoted byCampania Regional School Office to experiment and promote new musical paths and to cultivate talents among the new generations, favoring the approach with instruments and techniques alien to the musical path of the classical tradition. To frame the exhibition, the evocative context of the 15th century monumental complex of San Tommaso d’Aquino, in the historic center of Piedimonte Matese.

Among the public, friends and colleagues of the young musicians of the Liceu, families, the Director Bernarda De Girolamo, citizens and a representation of the municipal administration. Applause and recognition for an initiative that was characterized by the originality and unexpected involvement of the direct protagonists. Teachers guide students on this extracurricular path Giovanni Covelli (contact person in the music department of the Galilei Institute), Clementina De Simone, Antonio Di Cerbo, Pasquale Gentile, Francesco Mangialardo i Emanuele Procaccini.

To the teacher Covelli we addressed some questions about this artistic experience that could take root at the Matese Institute, guaranteeing continuous training …
It was a very successful experiment at the Liceo Galilei; we responded to a call from the Campania Region with the desire to expand the educational offer of the Institute and create a particularly attractive path for children but also for us, the teachers. Thanks to the funds obtained, we have been able to acquire new tools and software for the digital management of music production, complementary experiences for a good and global training of students. We ended our tour with a much appreciated and applauded concert because it was fair that the students tour was also a time to share with the extracurricular community. Young people need to be encouraged to look for new ways and to get involved in accepting the criticisms that build their educational and professional path.

How did the children react to the proposal for a jazz class, which, among other things, saw them busy outside school hours?
They have had to deal with their world, with languages ​​close to their experience and daily life, at rhythms and sounds that they know because they belong to this generation and are constantly transmitted by communication tools. We have dedicated the project to the lower classes to allow the continuity and improvement of this experience from next year so that what we have built this course does not fall on deaf ears but finds a more complete form and strengthens the skills of students.

Will there be a new call then? Does the Region anticipate continuity …?
The positive response from the high schools in Campania has laid the foundations for another project, so we hope that jazz -instrumental and sung- will soon become a curricular subject. It is right to be able to offer, as a School, greater opportunities for training and artistic expression by supporting the inclinations of the students.

What unexpected news characterized this experience?
Improvisation. The boys know how to surprise us but they know how to do it with originality and also professionalism; among them some talents clearly emerge, and it is up to us to educate them, to control their formation, but above all their overall performance without losing sight of the management issues that characterize the whole journey in our institute such as music technologies; Theory, Analysis and Composition; History of music; Ensemble Music Workshop; Interpretation and interpretation of instruments I and II; to these are added the characteristics of a scientific baccalaureate which constitute the necessary educational basis.

There is an air of family in the groups of the musical direction, a particular harmony …
Artistic creativity, humanity, team spirit, respect for roles recognizing the value of each role especially in orchestral performances: music is confirmed as a great training ground for life. As educators, we have the difficult task of not deceiving children but, with our feet on the ground, of rationally supporting them to cultivate their dreams.

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