Lazio, the association “Carteinregola”: “Slot, without further extension of the distance meter”

“Does legal gambling contrast with illegal gambling? I ‘”a natural and necessary good?” It is fun? “Synonymous with sociality and aggregation“Is Pathological Gambling (GAP) a Marginal Phenomenon? Who Are the Victims of GAP? What impact can it have on the workplace?

These questions hide the alibis of those who, in this case, the regional council and the Lazio regional council, are preparing to approve a second postponement of the application of the Lazio Regional Law 5/2013 for the prevention and treatment of pathological gambling (GAP), for the part that involves the removal of slot machines and video lottery from bars, tobacconists and game rooms within a radius of 500 meters from sensitive places such as schools, senior centers, churches and hospitals. The first postponement approved last August had called for a pandemic crisis in the sector. Today, however, there are no more excuses“This is what we read in a note from the association.”Carteinregola“, Published after an online meeting held in recent days.

“The webinar was attended by numerous professionals and representatives of organizations involved in the social sector: Maurizio Fiasco, President of the Gaming Observatory of the Lazio region 2018-2021, Francesca Danese, Spokesman for the Lazio Third Sector Forum, Gianpiero CioffrediPresident of the Observatory of Legality and Security of the Lazio Region, Massimo SoraciCaritas of Rome, Claudio Dalpiazpsychotherapist PsyPlus President, Elisa SermariniEven number network, Carlo CefaloniSlot machine, Claudio Cippitelli, sociologist, Parsec Social Cooperative. They participated, responding to requests from civil society, Barbara Funari, Minister of Social Policies and Health of Rome Capital, Tiziana Biolghini, Capitoline Councilor Roma Futura with social responsibility in the metropolitan city of Rome, Francesco Silvestri, M5S MP, Marta Leonori, County councilor and leader of the PD group, Alessandro Capriccioli, Regional + Europe Councilor, Paolo Ciani, Regional Councilor and Capitol Solidarity Center – Demo.S.

The numerous interventions – the association continues -, based on the introductory report by Maurizio Fiasco, have denied the slogans of gambling associations, revealing an alarming situation, which has begun to rise again at the expense of the most vulnerable sections of the population, at a time of increasingly severe economic crisis, with consequences that will pay dearly for the victims of the GAP, their families but also for part of the community.

Jobs – Jobs in the gaming industry are surveyed nationwide by ISTAT in 37,334, for 8,365 companies. 8-9 percent of the sector is headquartered and operates in Lazio. These figures should be compared with data from all sectors operating in our region, which, according to the state, includes about 450 thousand companies (before the pandemic), with 1 million and 891 thousand employees (always before of the health emergency) in the 5 provinces. But the loss – by the way partial – jobs (NB: in the case of the abolition of the strip of bars and tobacconists would be a secondary activity) – in the face of the damage that this “non-generative” sector causes to the general social, economic and labor system, it becomes almost laughable and could be backed up by specific social security networks.

Online game and face to face game – The issue of the risk of users switching to online gambling – illegal and uncontrollable – in the event of removal of bar slots in sensitive areas should also be eliminated. Users who consume gambling in the rooms only partially match that of online gambling, and among other things, the rise of both continues in parallel.

Legal gambling / illegal gambling – But above all, as Gianpiero Cioffredi illustrates, it is necessary to dismantle another topic, that of the campaigns of the managers who make us believe that the offer of “legal gambling” contrasts in some way with the mafias, but not is it like that. Judicial evidence indicates that gambling plays an important role in the criminal investment basket not only for money laundering, but also for territorial control: mafias are organized both illegally online and legally. And the rating agencies tell us that in Rome one of the major investments of the mafias together with the restaurant, tourism and fuel sector is precisely that of the game: a reality also confirmed by the list of legal proceedings in recent years in the capital “.

At the webinar – we still read in the note of “Carteinregola” – some institutional representatives took part, who have already given some answers: the Capitoline Councilor Funari, which has pledged to involve the department of production activities in the mapping of game-related activities, and the Rome Capital police for compliance controls, often existing and strict but not respected. Funari’s intention is also to open a permanent observatory in the department, monitor the requirements of Law 5/2013, and develop a preventive action, with an information and training campaign, inserting the GAP in the resolution that is working to counteract all dependencies. too Tiziana Biolghini has opted for initiatives aimed at involving the municipalities of the metropolitan city, recalling that the strongest remedy against gambling is the creation of social and cultural spaces in the many territories that do not have them, increasing decentralization in the municipalities. The PD matrix is ​​more moderate Marta Leonori, which had fought for the adoption of the distance meter also for appliances already present in tobacconists and premises in sensitive areas approved in 2020, now with some doubts about regional measures not yet supported by a national law, and fighting with a party that for a year now it had already voted in a rather compact way the postponement (but, Leonori remembers, no municipality has taken advantage of a fund that the Region puts at the disposal of the companies that resign of the squares); the directors are strongly opposed to postponing the measures Paolo Ciani I Alessandro Capriccioli, who had already voted against the contribution of their own majority in 2021 (and who know that they are a “minority” in the Council even today). The deputy Francesc Silvestri has confirmed the commitment of the 5 Star Movement against the GAP, complaining about the lack of approval of the national law for the reorganization of the sector in which he and the Movement have committed a lot.

We want to firmly reiterate that a new postponement until 2023 of the provisions on the removal of gaming equipment in sensitive areas would severely affect the credibility of the Lazio region and its majority, 5 star movement included, which formally adopts acts to protect the health and well-being of citizens -and boasts them with urban press notes and orbi-, but in fact cancels themwith measures in favor of private economic interests and not only, given the tax revenue obtained by the game.

And this new step back would easily become the pretext for questioning the general system of law by trade associations, as has happened in other regions, where the center-left majorities had adopted strict rules to protect citizens, then restarted. from the transition to a center-right government. And anyway, it would be a bad stimulus for the next regional elections“, concludes the association.

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