in Tuscan football he wins on defense

The beauty of 21 games with the door sealed and only 31 goals accumulated in 38 league games. Net of 3rd place in Group B, these are the two best numbers that William Viali’s Cesena has bequeathed to the new star course entrusted to Mimmo Toscano (which Cavalluccio will announce tomorrow). After a first return to the limits of perfection and a return with several ups and downs, closed in the worst way against the Monopoly among the deafening whistles of Manuzzi, the defensive phase of the Cavalluccio 2021-2022 edition was the basis to close the podium. of group B behind Modena and Reggiana, but especially against Virtus Entella and Pescara, who have added many more goals despite having two better teams. The large number of blank goals and an objectively reliable defense would be two key starting points next season as well, when Cesena’s mission will be essentially one: to win or at least improve on last season. And to win or eventually go to the playoffs from the second position, you will have to raise the defensive wall again. How?

Reliable defenders

When it came to analyzing the hired defense squad, Toscano had no doubts: the first to be confirmed at all costs is Andrea Ciofi, the player with the best performance in three seasons. Perfect for the line of three, who has already played with Modesto, the defender born in 1999 would be the ideal right “arm” after two years with Viali lived as the protagonist and in the gear of two airtight defenses. The 31 goals conceded in the last regular season unite Ciofi and Mario Mercadante, who is the first signing of the new season, who will play the left “arm”, the role he played for years in Monopoly with the captain’s arm in his arms. . . Although in 36 days (both against Catania are not valid), Mercadante was one of the leaders of another defense that worked. In the Ternana of the records of two years ago (26 victories in 38 days, 90 points won) Ivan Kontek, future leader of the third line of the Cavalluccio, stood out in the center of the backpack. How many goals did Fere score? More or less the same, 32.

The Tuscan wall

A defensive line with very few drafts and very few passive goals: this has always been one of the winning mantras of Mimmo Toscano. The teams that the new coach of Cesena brought to Serie B (Ternana, Novara and Reggina) have always scored few goals and have guaranteed solidity and reliability. Ten years ago, for example, Ternana closed with just 19 goals conceded in 34 games (0.55 on average per game). In 2014-2015 Novara closed with 30 passive goals in 38 days (average 0.78), while in 2019-2020 their Reggina was stopped by confinement after 30 days with only 19 passive goals (average 0.63 ). From next month Toscano will try to raise the wall in Cesena as well.

Tomorrow Cesena will announce the signing of Mimmo Toscano

After receiving the contract a few days ago yesterday, Mimmo Toscano sent it back by signed email to the Juventus club. Cesena, although the presentation will take place in July, will formalize tomorrow morning the signing of Toscano and all his staff: as the coach, also the assistant coach Napoli, the sports coach Nocera (he has already been to Cesena with Drago) and party analyst. Alessandria will sign a contract until 2024 with an extension until 2025 in case of promotion to Serie B.

The signings of central Mario Mercadante and far-right Alessandro Albertini, who have already signed two-year contracts, will be announced early next week. Monday could also be the right day for the arrival in Romania of Croatian center Ivan Kontek: in fact, the summit between Juventus player Stefanelli and the shady Leone is planned.

For the goal, the new coach Flavoni mentioned, among others, the names of two of his former students in Perugia: Stefano Minelli (owned by Frosinone) and Andrea Fulignati, who has already been to Cesena. In the middle of the field, De Rose’s dream goes away because of Palermo’s desire to keep him.

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