If you don’t like English at school, the problem may not be English

A student Skyeng advises us on how to change your attitude towards English classes
Ilona Shegai lives in Siberia, dreams of London and waits for every English lesson so she can talk about Miley Cyrus and Harry Potter.
“I’m a normal Russian student. I just want to learn English. I’m 12 now and I’ve been in love with this subject since first grade. I remember how we first learned the alphabet and then answered simple questions like” How do you say ? ”And I thought,“ Wow! Can I speak English to someone? “That’s the goal I’m fighting for now. And I think I know the language pretty well for my age.”

I have always dreamed of studying at school Skyeng, for a long time I did not dare to tell my parents. But in the end they were thrilled!

Mom didn’t know anything about this school at first, but I taught her and explained everything to her. My parents noticed Skyeng, it was a serious school and I was paid for the first classes. And then I won six months of free English in a contest! My parents were even happier. They are proud of me. As well as my friends.


I signed up for Skyeng because I don’t like taking buses.

My parents and I have not been able to find similar courses that are comfortable to come to our city. Everything is far away, you have to take at least two buses. I study in the afternoon and so when I get home it’s already dark. And to be honest, I don’t like getting up early in the morning. So I searched on Google; so I found Skyeng.

IS well when your teacher thinks like you. He even loves Harry Potter.

Maria and I got along very well right away. Maria is 26 years old. Not long ago, even though it was his birthday, he taught regularly, it was great. Maria is younger than the teachers at the school, so I’m interested in talking to her: we talk about music and my favorite books. I also really like that we are alone in class, that I can talk a lot and that he asks me for my opinion on various topics.

I’ve been watching TV shows and movies in English for a year now. At first I didn’t understand anything, but now I can easily follow “Stranger Things” and “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.

With new movies I do this: the first 15 minutes I watch them with English subtitles, and I pull them out, if I can keep up. A very nice new feeling, I really like it. But it’s also helpful: Maria says my listening skills are good because I train to listen constantly.

I study English at school, but before I enrolled in Skyeng I barely spoke it

I knew the rules of English, but I didn’t get a chance to put them into practice in a speech. In a large class, you can’t really speak: each student can only say a couple of sentences to practice speaking. In Skyeng, on the other hand, we talk a lot. And I started practicing all my skills. Now sometimes my friends and I meet in a group chat to speak English. While it doesn’t work very well, it’s still fun.

I never thought, “Ugh, English again …”. On the contrary, I look forward to the lessons!

I study twice a week with the teacher and only for a while every day. In the application I learn words and read texts, I do my homework. I downloaded Listening to my phone and listened to how Americans and English speak. I recently bought my first book in English; still hard to read, but interesting. The teacher says I’m sure I can do it, because I’m good. To be honest, I’m very shy when they praise me, but these compliments somehow push me to move on.

Many people don’t learn English here because they think, “Well, I don’t live in England or the United States, why do I need to know English?” I know why.

I want to travel smoothly and make myself understood by everyone. I want to try to study in another country, especially in England. And make English part of my life to become a linguist or translator. But also to understand the lyrics of the songs of my beloved Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus.

If you don’t like English at school, the problem may not be English.

The problem may be that the teacher is not the best for you, or you yourself are not very interested or you are sitting distracted on the phone throughout the class. Try to find the right way to learn, learn English in more depth. And you’ll see, you can’t do without it anymore. This is the best language ever!
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