“I still love Johnny Depp.” But then he shows his evidence of beatings and ill-treatment on television

A folder full of notes that Amber Heard she claims to be new evidence supporting her allegations of physical and sexual abuse against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, has already been dismissed by the judge in the defamation case against the plaintiff. “Years” of notes taken by her therapist detailing cases in which she says the actor “hit her, threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her.” Although the trial judge simply dismissed the notes as “hearing” and prevented her legal team from presenting the documents as evidence, the 36-year-old actress handed over the “folder” dating back to 2011 since started their relationship “on NBC before. an explosive interview with Savannah Guthrie, which will air on American television on Friday night. And in this interview Amber Heard says she still loves Johnny Depp: I love him, I love him with all my heart. And I tried with all my might to make this deeply failed relationship work.

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The Collector: “Years of Abuse”

The interview follows a three-part preview that aired on NBC’s Today program earlier this week, when Heard repeated his defamatory allegations about the abuse he claims to have suffered at the hands of Depp, 59. years. An explosive 20-minute screen preview shows the notes taken by Heartd’s therapist during his sessions, with 50-year-old Guthrie revealing how they contained various descriptions of violence the actress said she had dealt with during your appointment. There is a folder of years of notes dating back to 2011 since the beginning of my relationship that was taken by my doctor who was reporting the abuse.“, Heard told Guthrie. His notes represented years, years of real-time explanations of what was happening. “According to Guthrie and Dateline, who were granted access to the so-called” folder, “the notes contain descriptions of violence dating back to January 2012, when” Heard told his therapist that Depp “hit her. , threw her to the ground. ” “Eight months later,” he ripped off her nightgown, threw her on the bed, “and then in 2013” she threw her against a wall and threatened to kill her, “she said.

The last preview clip of Dateline’s interview comes a day after Today’s program aired its third installment of the mass meeting, in which Heard confessed that he “still absolutely loves” Depp, though he still left. pronounce once to accuse him of physical suffering. abuse during their relationship.

The process of

Earlier this month, a jury ruled that Heard had defamed her ex-husband by publishing an article in the Washington Post about surviving a sexual assault. She was ordered to pay Depp $ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages, although the second payment was reduced to $ 350,000 under Virginia law by the judge. He was awarded relatively insignificant $ 2 million in compensation, which means Depp dropped the case with Heard, who owed him $ 8.35 million.

Despite being found guilty of defamation, however, Heard continues to publicly accuse her ex-spouse of physical and sexual abuse, while telling Dateline that she is not a “vindictive” person who is trying to “take revenge” on him. “One thing I can tell you is that I am not vindictive,” he says in Dateline’s preview. “That would be a very bad way to get revenge.” As stupid as it is to say it out loud, my goal, the only thing I can expect right now … I just want people to see me as a Pressed by Guthrie on the testimony of several witnesses who said they had “seen Heard instigate violence” against Depp during their relationship, the actress responded to the fire, insisting that “she should never instigate” and that only “responded”, alleging that she had become violent. “If I wanted to say, as I said, if it meant the difference between a broken nose or a sore cheek, I would.” “I was beaten for a long time before I knew how to defend myself,” Guthrie said. of abuse against Depp, wondering why no one else would have spoken if they had been subjected to the same abusive treatment she claims to have. “Look what happened to me when I was advancing. Would you like to? ‘ In a statement to Dateline, Depp’s legal team criticized Heard for continuing to broadcast his allegations so publicly, even after concluding the trial, saying: “It is a pity that the defendant and his team have repeated, reinvented, and renamed problems. that have already been decided by the Court and a verdict that has been decided unanimously and unequivocally by a jury in Johnny’s favor. “

I still love him

However, Heard insists he will “remain true to his testimony on the day of his death,” repeating the language used in the Washington Post editorial that sparked the six-week trial marathon in describing himself as a “survivor.” . ‘He [rimarrò fedele alla mia testimonianza] until the day of my death. I know what happened to me. I am here as a survivor, “he said.” Until the day I die I will be faithful to every word of my testimony. ” Heard now claims that he never wanted his allegations of abuse against Depp to be made so “publicly”, insisting that he never wanted to go to trial, but that he “had no choice” because his ex-spouse chose to sue. “I didn’t want it to be a thing, I didn’t want it to be a trial, I didn’t want it to be on the public record,” he said. “But when someone sues you, you really have no choice.” Heard his accusations, he insists he wants nothing more than to go on with his life, telling Guthrie, “I can’t wait to live my life and I hope I have a long one ahead of me. And I’ll keep walking with my chin up. , in anticipation of today’s three-part Dateline session, Heard made other explosive revelations, which are listed here, including admitting that he “still absolutely loves” Depp, though he brandished him as a “liar” who influenced the jury with his “fantastic” performance.

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