Extraordinary competition bis: application before June 16. How the classification will be formed: oral exam and grades. SPECIAL

The announcement of the new extraordinary secondary school competition reserved for temporary workers with 3 years of seniority in the last 5 years has been published in the Official Gazette. You need the specific service annuity for the type of competition in which you are participating.

These are the residual positions of the entries in role 2021/22, thus distributed by provinces. The distribution by province could still be changed.


Ministry press release: how the competition is structured

Applications from May 18 to June 16

Applicants may submit an application for participation in the competition from 9.00 am on the day following the publication in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic – 4th special series “Competitions and examinations” – of this decree (therefore from May 18) until 11:59 p.m. afternoon of the twenty-ninth day following the opening of the petitions. MINISTRY NOTE

Candidates, in possession of the admission requirements in accordance with art. 3 of the DDG n. 1081 of May 6, 2022, to submit an application, under penalty of exclusion, for a single region and for a single competition class. It is not expected that it will be able to send the application to the regions of Trentino Alto Adige and Aosta Valley.

You can only choose one competition class and one region with available seats

The procedure was provided for in art. 59 of the Sostegni bis Decree, subsequently adopted and amended by Milleproroghe 2022.

You can only participate for high school. The extraordinary competition for support positions and for children / primary schools has not been launched.

The decree, Annex A (program to be studied) and Annex B (evaluable degree) have been published.

Requirements for access to the new extraordinary competition

Teachers who can boast together can take part

  • specific degree or qualification for access to the specific competition class or similar degree obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation The 24 ECTS are not required as an entry requirement
  • Not to have participated in the procedures referred to in section 4 of the same article 59 or, despite having participated, not to have been identified as the recipients of a fixed-term contract, intended for access to the position, in accordance with the same section.
  • c. have carried out, from the 2017/2018 school year and within the deadline for submitting applications for participation, a service in public schools for at least three years, even if they are not consecutive, assessed in accordance with article 11 , section 14, of the Law. law May 3, 1999, n. 124.
  • one of the annuities in the term considered must be specific, that is to say, carried out for the category of competition for which the participation is requested.

Reservations are accepted for those who, having obtained the access qualifications abroad, have, in any case, submitted the relative application for recognition in accordance with current legislation within the deadline for submitting the application. competition.

The service performed in a support position, even without a specialization degree, is considered valid for the purposes of participating in the extraordinary procedure for the competition category, without prejudice to the title of access and the specific year. on duty.

On the other hand, the service provided by the Catholic religion cannot be evaluated.

Only the title service is valid. Three years in the last five, one of which is specific

You need the specific year of service (commonplace, not support) for the competition class you are participating in.

NB The specific year of service must also be between 2017/18 and the submission of the application

The annuities provided for admission are only valid if they are carried out in the public school, even in different school grades or in a place of support even without specialization (that is, two years can be claimed support and one discipline, but not three support to qualify). in the competition class).

The 2021/22 academic year can be applied for from the date of submission of the application (ie the 2021/22 academic year is valid if the 180 days of useful service have been completed on 16 June of 2022).

The calculation of the five annuities is in fact foreseen

  • 2017/18
  • 2018/19
  • 2019/20
  • 2020/21
  • 2021/22

What is meant by service annuity:

Article 11, section 14, of law no. 124/99 indicates what is meant by the provision dictated by article 489, section 1, of the Legislative Decree. 297/94:

Section 1 of article 489 of the revised act must be understood in the sense that the non-permanent teaching service provided from the 1974-1975 school year is considered as a whole school year if it has lasted minimum of 180 days or if the service has been provided uninterruptedly from 1 February until the end of the final vote. “

Therefore, each of the three annuities used must have one of these two characteristics.

The annual rent of the service can be claimed even if the contract is for a few hours, or an annuity made at another educational level, e.g. two years in primary and one in secondary specifically for the required competition class.


  • teachers not included among those hired by GPS / additional lists 2021/22. Anyone who has participated in the procedure from the GPS but has not been hired can participate.


How to fill out the application and how to pay the 128 euro contribution. GUIDE

Qualification and qualification points, how to insert them in the application. Horizontal degrees and joint degrees

Difference between the service as an access ticket and another title

Where the oral exam will take place

The competition takes place in the region for which the candidate has applied.

However, in the presence of a small number of applicants who have submitted an application, art. 2, section 2 of DDG n. 1081 of 6 May 2022 provides that interregional aggregations may be arranged, up to a maximum of 150 candidates.

The USR identified as responsible for conducting the entire tender procedure provides for the approval of separate rankings for each region.

The commissions

The USR is issuing alerts for the search for ALERT commissioners

The oral exam of the competition

The Ministerial Decree of 22 April 2022 n. 108 explains how to take the oral entrance exam for ranking.

The disciplinary test consists of an oral test designed to check the candidate’s preparation and assess the mastery of the disciplines.

The test has a maximum total duration of 30 minutes, without prejudice to the additional time and aid provided for by current legislation.

For competition classes A-24, A-25 and B-02 the test is conducted in the foreign language taught.

The test also assesses the ability to understand and converse in English at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, with the exception of candidates for the A-24, A-25 and B competition classes. -02 for English Language.

There is no minimum score to pass the test

Extraordinary competition bis, oral exam: simulation of a lesson, UDA, or question about the contents? Where it takes place, call email

Reference frameworks for the assessment of the oral exam

Refer to the Reference Frameworks for the assessment of the oral examination referred to in Ministerial Decree no. 326 of November 9, 2021, as required by art. 5, section 2 of the DDG no. 1081 of 6 May 2022. Reference frameworks for the evaluation of the test.

When will the oral exam take place?

Evaluation of evidence

The selection boards have one hundred and fifty points, of which one hundred for the disciplinary test and fifty for the qualifications. The committee assigns a maximum overall score of 100 points to the disciplinary test, borrowing the evaluation criteria from the national reference frameworks developed.

Titles have a maximum overall score of 50 points

The traces of the test referred to in Article 4 shall be drawn up by each court in a number equal to three times that of the candidates scheduled in a single session, on the basis of the programs in Annex A.

Each candidate draws the track, on which he will perform the test, at the time of the test itself. Drawn tracks cannot be used for later draws.

The titles

Appendix B, on the other hand, identifies the grades that can be assessed and the breakdown of the relative scores.

You earn the place of the ranking with the test score + grades. What they are and how much they are worth

Extraordinary competition bis: specific ITP qualifications, musical instrument and dance competition classes. Scores

The classification

After the results of the disciplinary test and the evaluation of the qualifications, the court commission proceeds to the elaboration of the autonomous classifications of merits distinguished by category of competition.

The final score is expressed in one hundred and fifty.

Each ranking includes a number of candidates not exceeding the quotas assigned to each competition procedure.

The classification is accessed with the sum of the test scores + grades. Whoever is placed within the competition number “wins” the participation in the next phase. There is no “proper” or classification shift. A decision that in our opinion runs the risk of creating empty seats. Because it is important to have the ranking with all the participants in the test

With the same overall score, the preferences referred to in Article 5 (4) and (5) of Presidential Decree no. 487. 4.

The rankings are approved by decree by the manager responsible for the USR responsible for the insolvency proceedings and are published in the register and on the USR website.

Extraordinary competition twice, you win the place in the ranking with test score + qualifications. What they are and how much they are worth

The assumptions

In 2022/23 the winners will be hired for a fixed term. In the meantime, they will have to attend a specific training course and, as usual, the year of training and testing.

Once these two obstacles have been overcome, they will be legally and financially assumed from the 2023/24 school year.

40-hour training

The training course: the decree provides for the winning teachers to take part, in their charge, in a training course 40 hoursalso in collaboration with universities, which integrates their professional skills.

Failure to pass the final test will result in the expiration of the procedure and the transformation of the contract into an indefinite period is excluded.

In this case, the service provided in 2022/23 would be valued as a fixed-term destination.

Extraordinary competition bis: the winners will follow a university training course with a final test before June 15, 2023

The section dedicated to the Ministry’s website


Will it be possible to participate only to obtain the qualification?

Years of service in parity are not valid as a qualification but only for the final classification

Extraordinary competition twice: permanent teachers can also take part. The consequences

Extraordinary competition bis: only one competition class and one region with available places can be chosen. CLARIFICATIONS

Ordinary high school competition, tests passed. Do I also have to take part in the extraordinary bis competition?

The advice

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It is possible to discuss in the mutual help forum

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