Euler, a mathematical genius on board. 1778, his long nights in St. Petersburg

They will be the salons of Versilia Nautical Clubat the Piazza Palombari dell’Artiglio in Viareggio, to welcome, Saturday, June 25 at 6 p.m. the official presentation of “Euler, a mathematical genius on board. 1778, his long nights in St. Petersburg.“the last book ofTeam Admiral (right) Cristiano Bettinialways a friend and honorary member of the Viareggio association. The presentation of the book of applied mathematics by Euler, the greatest mathematician of the eighteenth century, on the basis of current nautical sciences and technologies -in addition to naval- will be given by the vice president of the Nautical Club of Versilia, the Admiral Marco Brusco. .
“Almost all of us, even without knowing it, use technology products every day based on Euler’s mathematical applications or, in education, we have come across his formulas and demonstrations. Few know, however, that good Some of his initial inspirations came from the unexpected as well as illuminators, naval experiences, pushed by the Prussian monarch Frederick II first and then by Tsarina Catherine II to improve their fleets, said Admiral Bettini. In the autumn of 1778, at the age of seventy-one, now almost blind, Euler, much loved and well-known throughout Europe, rearranged and annotated his notes of some sixty years of work in his home studio in St. Petersburg. , assisted by his son Karl Johan and his young nephew Nikoai Fuss, both mathematicians, a short essay that seeks to condense, in a way that adheres to his works and autobiography, some of his intuitions and contributions to science. and technology, still quite current, and in particular in the di naval and nautical design of the Enlightenment, initiated and consolidated by the experiences lived in the boats of the 18th century.

An appointment, then, Saturday, June 25 at 6 p.m. in the rooms of the Club Nàutic de la Versilia: it will be interesting to understand how Euler’s inspirations came from experiences on large sailboats, intended to improve the fleets of the Prussian monarch Frederick II first and then Tsarina Catherine II.

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During his long professional experience aboard military ships, both in the staff and in command, Squadron Admiral (r) Cristiano Bettini has participated in all major multinational and NATO missions in the country since of 1982, operating then as much in the General Staff of the Navy as of the Defense. , and at the Joint Forces Summit Command. From 2002 to 2005 he was a Defense and Naval Officer in the United Kingdom, with accreditation for Ireland. He has also acquired many years of direct experience in the field of training and employment of staff, first as a teacher and later in the rank of admiral, in the positions of commander of the Naval Academy, inspector of schools and staff director. of the Navy, Deputy Chief of the Defense Staff. In addition to his professional commitment, he has combined numerous experiences on offshore sailboats and yachts, across the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Black Sea, extending into the field of design in the past. As commander of the yawl Corsaro II he carried out two sailing ships.

He has published for the Laurus-Robuffo editions: Decision-making processes in a complex environment (2001), Ethical training (2002) and Oltre il Fiume Oceano (2016). For ETS Editions: How sailboats designed (3 vols., 2019). He has a master’s degree in naval and maritime sciences, and a master’s degree in political science.

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