Contracting GPS and band support, the Ministry illustrates the procedure (DRAFT DECREE)

Supportthe Ministry of Education it was proceeded to illustrate to the unions the draft from decree which will establish, also for the school year 2022/23, the appointments directed to the position from first band of the Provincial Substitute Ranking. The reference legislation is that contained in article 5-ter of Decree Law no. 228 of December 30, 2021 (Decree Milleproroghe).

Paper-based citations from the first GPS support 2022/23: the Ministry of Education illustrated the draft Decree

The procedure refers to the assignment of support sites vacant waste and available later role entries usually organized each year by the Merit Rankings and the Exhaustion Rankings, net of any allocation of places to be allocated. ordinary competitions in the event that the corresponding procedures have not yet been completed.
The teachers who will be affected by the procedure are those who are included in the first category of GPS supportincluding those who dissolve the reservation after July 20th.

The procedure

The procedure, illustrated by Ministry of Educationprovides for the subscription of a fixed-term contract to teachers enrolled in the first strip of the provincial rankings of alternate support positions. The fixed-term contract is offered exclusively in the province and in the modalities of places for which the teacher is enrolled in the first band of the GPS of support places and for which he makes application.

Once the contract is signed, the annual initial training course with passing the disciplinary test of suitability. Finally, there will be entry into office with legal effect from September 1, 2022.

Submission of the application

In a briefing note, Flc-Cgil illustrated the procedure for submission of the application.
Applicants intending to participate in the procedure, proving that they meet the requirements, will send the request through the application Online instancesan application that will affect the same province where they are enrolled in the first GPS band for the support site.

The application must indicate the types of places for which, being entitled, it is intended to participate in the procedure and the order of preference of the schools divided by type of place. The preferences of the headquarters can also be expressed through a concise indication of municipalities and districts.
The territorial school offices will indicate the number of places available in each center, broken down by type of place.

With regard to the allocation of places, the offices will check the applications submitted, assigning the applicants to individual educational centers by means of a automated procedure in order of the types of seats indicated and the preferences expressed, depending on the position covered in the first band of the supporting GPS.

In case of indication of synthetic preferences, the order of preference of the educational institutions of the municipality or district is made according to the ascending alphanumeric order of the typing code. The results of the identification will be communicated by the local offices to the teachers and schools concerned.

Year of training and testing

What a concern training and testing coursethe teaching staff will carry out this route, in accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 59 of April 13, 2017. After the positive assessment of the track i teachers they will support one disciplinary tests which will be passed by the candidates who reach an eligibility threshold: therefore, the allocation of a score is not foreseen. The test will be evaluated by a committee external to the school services institution. In the event of a positive evaluation of the annual training and test course and a positive judgment of the disciplinary test, the teaching staff will be hired for an indefinite period, as mentioned above, from 1 September 2022, therefore it will benefit from the legality of backdating the contract.indefinitely.

Disciplinary evidence

As for the disciplinary test, it will consist of a eligibility interview intended to verify, in relation to the programs referred to, respectively, point A.4 of Annex A of Ministerial Decree no. 325, for infant and primary education and in point A.2.1 of Annex A of the Ministerial Decree of November 9, 2021, n. 326, for secondary and high school centers, the correct possession and exercise, in relation to the experience acquired by the teacher and validated by passing the initial training course and test, of the knowledge and skills oriented to an individualized educational planning that, respecting the rhythms and learning styles and the needs of each student, identifies, in close collaboration with the other members of the class council, interventions balanced between learning and socialization and the full improvement of skills and potential which possesses the subject in formation.

The disciplinary test must be completed before July 2023. The reference frameworks for the evaluation of the test are those prepared by the National Commission established by Ministerial Decree of 5 May 2022, no. 109, for the assessment of the evidence referred to in Article 8 (1) (b) of Ministerial Decree no. 242.

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