Conegliano focuses on the blue Alessia Gennari


The life of volleyball of Alessia Gennari, born in Parma on November 3, 1991, 184 cm nailer, began in 2005 when she joined the team of the Anderlini Volleyball School of Sassuolo; the following season he moved to Sassuolo Volley, which played in the A1 Series, making his first appearances for the first team. With the under-18 team she won bronze at the 2007 European Championships, where she was awarded Best Forward. In the next two years he was in the Cadelbosco Volleyball Sports Group, in the B1 Series and in 2011 he got his first calls for the Italian national team, participating in the XXVI Universiade. The 2011-12 season is in Pavia; the following season she went to River Volley Piacenza, although in the middle of the season she was sold to Chieri; in 2013, with the team, he won the gold medal at the XVI Mediterranean Games.
In the 2013-14 season he wore the Casalmaggiore shirt, recently promoted to the top category, where he remained for two years and was in the group that won the 2014-15 championship (with Santarelli’s assistant coach). After the 2015-16 Scudetto he defended the colors of Bergamo Volleyball, where he remained for two seasons, winning the 2015-16 Italian Cup.
In the 2017-18 season she married Busto Arsizio with four years of sports, winning the 2018-19 CEV Cup; while he became a definitive member of the blue group of the National Team, winning the gold medal at the European 2021. In the last season with the shirt of Monza was one of the protagonists of the great season of Brianza , the last to perform on the Italian scene, both in the championship final and in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.
A mixer of balance and experience, she is very reliable in the fundamentals of reception (8th in the championship in perfect receptions / sets), with an attacking game that presents a remarkable range of solutions.


“The decision to sign for Conegliano is a big challenge for me, I felt ready at that moment to face it. It is a challenge with myself, I will have to play with important players and it will be a great opportunity to grow more and learn a lot. I had a positive year in Monza, it was an intensely lived season, it will be strange to see them next year beyond the net, but it will be a really stimulating year for me in many ways.

A new cycle opens for the club with many changes in the staff:

“I am happy to be part of the new Gialloblù cycle and I am honored that the club has thought of me among the members of the new group. I know a lot of athletes who will be part of the team to play together in the club or in the national team, others have been opponents of many challenges and I will deepen my knowledge over time.

Do you like Coach Santarelli’s game system?

“I do not discover the game of coach Santarelli, what Conegliano has shown in recent seasons has been fundamental to the evolution of women’s volleyball internationally, the other teams have had to adapt to this game which has made a difference in recent years. It is a very fast game and close to the men’s, lately all the top clubs have adapted to this new style of play and between the selection and the club I have already fallen into this style that has now taken over. It’s not easy with my physical characteristics, but I’m adapting and I have to say it’s very stimulating and fun to play fast, I feel ready to step into the role and do what coach Santarelli asks me to do on the pitch. Wolosz? I hope to find the feeling with her soon, it’s an honor to play with an absolute champion and I can’t wait “.

Many changes, but the winning mentality will remain unchanged:

“In recent years Conegliano has always had proven teams, made up of many champions of great personalities who have joined in a granite team that had clear goals with exceptional harmony and concentration in every match. I am very encouraged to be part of a group that will have to be created and amalgamated, one of the reasons why I decided for Prosecco DOC Imoco is precisely to learn the winning mentality of the club, it will be easier with the example . of the girls who have been there for years, their personality will be key to recreating harmony and capturing that mindset. With them apart from two races this year with Monza, but not the decisive ones, I have never won as a rival in the matches that counted, now I am happy to be on the other side of the net and to live this experience with them. the Panthers ».

Your summer program?

“It will be a summer of volleyball for me, now I am in the selection between school and VNL, we will have two weeks of vacation in July and then we will think about preparing for the World Cup, so little rest and a lot of work, but the goals and stimuli from this blue summer are many and make up for the sacrifices. I want to greet the Gialloblù fans that I know well as a rival, they are really an added value and it has always been nice to play with a full Palaverde. In my past in Busto there was a big audience that had a particular feeling with the team, even in Monza during the playoffs it was very exciting, in the Palaverde the complete fans and the warmth of the fans is normal and it is a very important factor. in my opinion, for the team, I want to live this gialloblù passion and get to know the fans. Soon! “.

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