Category 1 football – For the JCP, the promotion of play off to Momo at the beginning

The second game of the play-off (first phase), played on Wednesday, June 15, has drawn the outlines of the group of four that will begin next Sunday. The yellow-red-blue team will leave for Momo (Novara), host Colleretto Pedanea and play on neutral ground with PSG. Impossible to make predictions, given what happened in last Wednesday’s matches, all very balanced (two out of three were decided in overtime). On Sunday 19 Volpato and his teammates will be guests of the white-and-red team of Novara.

The formation of Momo Atletico Calcio was second in Group A of First Category, behind Feriolo Calcio. Only two lengths (62-60) separated the two teams at the end of the regular season. Thirty games played, 18 wins, 6 draws and 6 defeats for Claudio Miserotti’s boys; 59 goals scored, 27 conceded, with Alex Bouzida the top scorer with 15 personal joys, one from the penalty spot. The points difference with the fifth-place finisher allowed Momo to lose the first game of the playoffs. In the second, held on Wednesday 15 at the Municipal Via San Rocco, the Novarenses faced Virtus Villadossola. In the regular season, Atlético Calcio drew (2-2) at home in the double game and lost (2-1) away. An overtime was needed to decide the next round. Momo has the advantage twice and twice. Virtus Villadossola had a great opportunity to score following a counterattack after 9 minutes, but Primatesta’s shot from the left sailed high over the bar.

The returns to the local camp and the out of Momo are almost identical; 29 points against 31, 27 goals scored against 31, 12 goals conceded against 15. Since the 2012-13 season, Momo Atletico Calcio has been playing consistently in the First Division. Between the two clubs there is a precedent that is lost in the mists of time, when the home association was still called US Junior. Bigger fans will surely remember the arrival of the Novara president at the “Bianchi” in an extravagant Ferrari. In the market sector, Momo operated more outgoing than entering the summer session. Scalvini from San Nazzaro Sesia arrived in August, while Orel and Marangon (from Sparta Novara and Borgo Lavezzano) arrived in November and December. So this is a group that has been playing together for a long time and has had an excellent season. The home factor will also be important. Warm, incessant cheers from the red-and-white bleachers and Mr. Bellingeri’s boys will have to remain lucid and focused so as not to fall into the provocations of the opposite curve. The first race is, in fact, the most important, because he leads the group of contenders. It will not be a walk in the park, but the JCP, seen this year outside in equally complicated fields, has always come out with its head held high and with a positive result.

Momo Atletico Calcio: Rampinelli, Abello, Baroni, Bianco, Bouzida, Cupia, Fusè, Ganci, Gonzalez, Gramoni, Grieco, Gualini, Jatta, Leva, Marangon, Mastroianni, Orel, Piccini, Scalvini, Simone, Lazzarin, Zouaoui, Carettoni. All: Miserotti.

2nd round play-off results (15-06-2022): Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-2-2 (aet); Gassino San Raffaele-Colleretto Pedanea-0-1; PSG-Beppe Viola Calcio-0-0 (aet).

Final phase of the play-off: Momo Atletico Calcio, JCP, Colleretto Pedanea, PSG. First day (19-06-2022): Momo Atletico Calcio-JCP; Pedanea-PSG collar.


Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-2-2 dts (26 ‘Greek, 84’ Primatesta, 105 ‘Blanc, 109’ Moggio A.)

Momo Atletico Calcio: Rampinelli, Gualini, Simone, Baroni, Cupia, Ganci, Abello, Bianco, Grieco, Bouzida, Jatta. Available: Lazzarin, Gramoni, Mastroianni, Marangon, Zouaoui, Fusè, Carettoni, Leva, Scalvini. All: Miserotti.

Virtus Villadossola: Romans, Giorgetti, Martinella, Piana, Akhtiankin, Valci, Moggio M., Guerra, Primatesta, Ghidini, Zampini. Available: Ghignone, Marta, Moggio A., Ferrari, Savoia, Barba. All: Freemasons.

Referee: La Luna Simone (Collegno)
Ajudants: Vaglio i Rovere di Biella.
First half: Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-1-0
Corner: Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-6-5
Reservations: Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-1-5 (Primatesta 13’pt, Bouzida 35’pt, Guerra 11’s.t., Moggio M. 20’s.t., Moggio A. 14’pts, Valci 13’s.ts)
Red cards: Momo Atletico Calcio-Virtus Villadossola-1-1 (Jatta and Moggio A. 11’s.ts)

On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 15, Momo and Virtus Villadossola played to reach the final phase of the playoffs. Temperatures at the end of the summer, more than 200 people in the stands and we start with the forecast by the hosts who, in the event of a tie at 120 ‘, will be rewarded with the best position obtained in the regular season. The white-and-reds of Mr. Miserotti are lined with a careful 4-4-2. High pressure to retrieve the ball and serve Jatta, Grieco and Bouzida in depth. Virtus seem to have more experience and prefer to approach the opposing goal by making sentences in the middle of the field. It is the guests who create the most and over 13 bags of Primatesta deflecting a Moggio cross. The referee is alert, cancels and warns the Ossola center forward. Bushel did not frame the target with a diagonal shot in the 15th minute and in the 19th minute he devoured the lead by passing a Primatesta cross into a small area. Virtus insists and in the 25th minute a cross from the left is not deflected by Primatesta and Zampini, both late. The home crowd cheered when, after 26 minutes, Bouzida’s charge up the middle resulted in the keeper making one of his best saves of the day. The carambola rewards Grieco who shoots hard at the next post beating Romani: 1-0. Villadossola in the 42nd minute is dangerous with Moggio, but the closure of Baroni is worth a goal. In the end, Valci from the edge also tries: the central parade of Rampinelli. The first half was played at a more than acceptable pace, but the recovery immediately pointed to a decline by both teams. Changes begin and the first to enter are Scalvini and Marangon. He went slowly until the 23rd minute with no sensational chances to score, then Gualini saved everything in front of his own goal avoiding the Virtussino draw. The white-blues also hear the race held three days before and Momo tries to close it. In the 24th minute, Jatta’s action ends high in front of the goalkeeper. Scalvini’s header was very close to scoring after 25 minutes, but the shot hit the crossbar. Ghidini by Virtus beat on the fly from 18 meters finding the local number one ready. After 39 minutes, the visitors tied it up at 1 – 1 when a fantastic pass from the left was finished off by. Momo is surprised by the left and the low cross rewards the insertion of Primatesta: 1-1. The home side worked hard to get through the middle and as a result, had a good chance of getting one back as tried lifting the ball over keeper Bouzida. Unfortunately, the ball went just over the bar. Let’s go to overtime. The guests in the 3rd minute approached the advantage with Guerra but in the 15th minute Jatta was distributed in the area by Romani and the referee scored. White does not fail and Momo goes 2-1. With the tired teams it is difficult to predict another second of fireworks and instead you have to give credit to Momo and Virtus for the show offered up to 120 ‘. In the 4th minute Alex Moggio hits hard from 18 meters: post-goal and is again tied. In the ninth Moggio enters the area and this time the crossing of legs with a rival is lethal for the local defense: penalty. Primatesta, who has never missed a penalty this year, sees Rampinelli’s long levers stretch to the right: parade! Two minutes later a trap explodes in the middle of the field: Jatta and Alex Moggio go to the locker room early. In the triple whistle is a white-red flame. The JCP is warned: there will be suffering and struggle on Sunday.

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