“Barba che gol”: the union between football and solidarity for the Capital of Culture 2023

The second edition of the event will take place on September 18 at the Riccardo Zini Stadium in Travagliato. Involved associations and big names in football.

“Barba che gol”: the union between football and solidarity for the Capital of Culture 2023

Music, food, entertainment, fun, sports but above all solidarity.
These are the key words of the second edition of “Barba che gol”, which will take place on September 18 at the Riccardo Zini Stadium in Travagliato.
To present the event the organizers “Bearded Brixia” and “Pollicino criciole di solidarity” with the support of “Les Roys Sport Social Club”, which will be located on the lawn of via Montegrappa.

The day will be a natural evolution of the first edition, in content and activities, and wants to become one presentation event of the Capital of Culture 2023, bringing into play the union between Brescia and Bergamo.
As always theThe purpose of the event is beneficial and this time the intention is to reach 12 thousand euros.

Here is the the combination of “beard and solidarity” has a truly noble missiongiving concrete support to the realities of the area.
In this case, all proceeds will go to the Nadia Toffa Foundation, I bambini Dharma and Eos Aps: Leo’s house.

Thus, on September 18, the bearded Italian team, the All stars Brescia and Bergamo, the football stars Radio and the united hospitals “Spedali Civile Brescia and Asst Pg XXIII Bergamo” will go out on the field to do good with football.
A very popular event, where big names in the sport will be present and beyond. But especially a day where emotions will be the protagonists, giving voice especially to disabled and sick children.

The project

Sponsored, among others, by the Municipality of Travagliato and the Region of Lombardy, the project has been illustrated during the last hours inside the stadium with the presence of all the entities involved, from institutions to associations.

This time the mayor Renato Pasinetti He emphasized that “in the last years of the Administration we have been committed to sport to support healthy values, as well as young people and families. It is essential to give life to associations and the social purpose of sports activity. “.
The citadel, in fact, sensitively welcomed this important initiative, as also confirmed by the councilor responsible for Sports. Massimo Cominardi.

To illustrate the synergy as well Diego Bazolirepresentative of the “Barbuda Bríxia”, who highlighted how something valid and beneficial can be done from a passion (in this case for the beard and mustache).
Also present were the representatives of the associations involved, Susanna Berlandis for Eos Aps: Leo’s house, Giovanna Castelli for the children of Dharma and Maria Teresa Isetti for Les Roys.
Next to them the director general of Asst Pope John XXII Maria Beatrice Stasi and the director of the integrated network of clinical care continuity of civilian hospitals Mauro Riccawho stressed the preventive value of sport and how after two years of pandemic it deserves to smile (and make you smile).

“It’s an event that touches the heart,” added the vice president of the Health Commission in the Region Simona Tironi – It is a good way to celebrate what is done daily in the area. Institutions want to focus on the social and socio-sanitary field, but this must be acknowledged partnerships are key and perform capillary action “.

Finally, to give a special prestige to the meeting (and the event in general) the presence of the flag of Rondinelle Marco Zambelli, former captain of Bresciawho highlighted the noble purpose of “Barba che gol”, “proving that every dream that can be thought of is also achievable and can move consciences and hearts”.
They will also be on the field with him Davide Moscardelli I Luciano De Paola.


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