“At the CAF school”, meeting tomorrow at the F. Galiani school

Everything is ready for the press conference that will take place tomorrow, Friday, June 17, at the F. Galiani school in via Don Bosco 6 at 10:00 am, to take stock of the successes of the project implemented by

SILCED – ZEROCARTA Caf called “A Scuola di CAF”.

The PCTO – Paths for Transversal Competences and Orientation – called “A Scuola di CAF” created by SILCED – ZEROCARTA Caf, in collaboration with the Technical Institute of Economics F. GALIANI, was created with the aim of strengthen the training of AFM Administration students. , Directorate of Finance and Marketing, increase their chances of insertion in the labor market, and develop a path that brings institutions closer to the younger generations, in the name of legality and culture, increase the ability of university guidance of the sector.

Legislation on the integration of the training offer and the complementarity of the training system integrated with the market and the world of work has aimed to make the school system more open and flexible in order to improve the educational response to the evolution of the society.

With this, a training program was launched articulated on the most important aspects of the CAF, a tax assistance center, and on the practices and activities that derive from it.

More than 40 students, from fifth and fourth grade, with an economic focus, have had the opportunity to learn by attending the course the different issues related to the practices developed by the tax assistance centers. At the end of the theoretical phase, they started a coaching activity in the facilities of the SILCED ZEROCARTA Caf, and then created a real collection center within the Institute, for the whole school community and the environment.

The director of the school of the Institute, Antonella Barreca announces with great satisfaction and joy AFM in collaboration with SLICED ZEROCARTA The strong points are: 1. A close interaction of the school with the world of work in order to offer opportunities for training, work and qualified guidance 2. Consolidation of citizenship 3. The school as an institutional defense more in a peripheral and very complex context 4. Open school and at the service of the territory in relation to the specific competencies of the professionalization of its students I strongly believe that this initiative can develop collaboration with companies and service companies by initiating a synergistic relationship to offer perspectives to our students For a long time, there has been talk of the lack of correspondence of the Italian school with the needs of the world. of work and university, the GALIANI and SLICED ZERO LETTER try to erase this belief. A new way of teaching that we hope will become a good practice to increase ”.

“The importance of this activity, in fact, lies not only in” qualifying “students through a training course, and therefore significantly increase their chances of employment, but also in increasing awareness of the young people of the Institutions of their functions and the acts they issue ”- declared the Secretary General of SILCED, Vincenzo Caniglia.

“I strongly wanted this experience to come from the Galiani Institute, which I attended myself, and in this area that needs more and more commitment to the younger generations, to allow them to build a future and try to make their dreams come true. “. Vincenzo Caniglia.

“The opening of a table within the Institute, with the direct commitment of young students, aims to promote the action of legality in a difficult territory, and in a complex socio-educational context, through a greater institutional oversight “- said Pasquale. Iafullo, manager of ZEROCARTA CAF.

They were invited to participate

the Minister of Education of the Campania region

Prof. Lucia Fortini

the Councilor for Youth and Work of Naples City Council

Prof. Weather in Chiara Marciani

The Campania Regional Director of the Tax Agency

Dr. Michele Garrubba

The director of the Regional School Office – Campania

Prof. Ettore Acerra

The head of the Labor Inspectorate of Naples

The president of municipality 3 of the municipality of Naples

Dr. Fabio Greco

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