Amber Heard says in the interview: “I still love you”

As Today announced a few days ago, the first part of Amber Heard’s interview for NBC was televised; it was from the end of the trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp that the Aquaman actress had not been shown in public. That is also why the hunger and curiosity for her statements made the meeting with journalist Savannah Guthrie long awaited. The second part of the interview will be broadcast tonight (US time zone, of course).

He trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard it is still being talked about; the female counterpart of the two spouses, in fact, decided to re-propose her point of view to NBC, reiterating the allegations against Depp, showing the flaws that, she said, had a negative impact on the fairness of the trial and declaring -is, for many things, still innocent.
All this despite having a very recent one behind it verdict that she be ordered to pay her ex-husband Depp $ 15 million defamationdue to his 2018 article published in the Washington Post in which he declared himself a “victim of domestic abuse.”
We find out what else Heard has to say about what happened.

Media polarization against Amber Heard during the trial

The latest news

During the part of interview broadcast, the presenter asked questions in a spicy way to Heard: among these, one of the first asks him why he wanted to expose himself to NBC.
You are vindictive? “The actress replies that she has no desire for revenge:”As silly as it sounds, I just want people to see me as a human being“.

This, his only wish now. As she has already said and reiterated, the jury’s verdict has, in her view, been overly influenced by the dehumanization and ridicule what the internet world and Johnny Depp fans waiting for him out of court did to her and her testimony during the six-week trial. “The applause of his fans inflicted on me the hottest humiliation of my life“.

The credibility of the actress questioned

Not even on the verdict of her false accusations of domestic violence against Depp, the actress backs down; rather. Amber Heard puts it this way: “I did horrible things in our marriage, but in court she lied about violence and while she is alive I will repeat every word of my testimony.“. Words that do not stick even to the taunts of the interviewer, who tries to hear directly from Heard whether he was there or not. lie for its part at some point.

To do this, the presenter asks him a question about 7 million divorce earnings that Heard claimed he had donat but that, as Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, showed in court, they were only promised. And the actress’ response in this regard revolves around how, in her opinion, the whole process was built to question her alone. credibility.

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Love never ends: Amber Heard’s words of affection for Johnny Depp

At some point in the interview, there is talk of a full notebook notes from the psychologist of Heart from 2011 to the present and recounting the violence suffered by women during their relationship with Depp; this report, however, appears to have been successfully concealed by Depp’s legal team.
A team that, after the first fragments of the meeting with NBC, has been exposed in a public statement that says: “It is a pity to see that, while Johnny is trying to continue with his life, the defendant and his team have returned. repeat e question a verdict decided by the court that was unequivocally in favor of Johnny.

Despite wanting to tell her the truth, a truth that sees her fall victim to a toxic relationship for years abusiveAmber Heard admits her feelings are still present for Depp: I love, I have always loved him with all my heart, I have done my best to make a relationship work deeply damaged, without achieving it. I have no negative feelings for him; I know it can be hard to understand. Or maybe it’s easy if you love someone“.

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