Aldo Biscardi Award for Communication and Sport

Aldo Biscardi Award for Communication and Sport

LARINO. Well-known journalist Aldo Biscardi “returns” to his Larino with an award dedicated to him.

The conference, which took place on Wednesday 15 June, in the Cold Room of the Ducal Palace of Larino, had as its guiding theme the “Aldo Biscardi Prize for Communication and Sport” but has also become a training course desired by the Order of Journalists. of Molise and Corecom.

In the false reading of Biscardi’s brilliant and innovative career, the intention of the President of the Order of Journalists Vincenzo Cimino was to create a path for today’s and future Molise journalists.

In fact, our Aldo was certainly an innovator, in fact, after a brief apprenticeship in the Neapolitan newspaper “Il Mattino”, the brilliant idea of ​​a program that, every week, would compare brilliantly football experts, of opposing views, in a particular aspect of the championship.

In 1979 the stroke of luck: he began working in television as head of sports programs for the third channel and in 1980 he finally managed to make his dream come true, launching “Il Processo del Lunedì”, a title suggested by a phrase Gianni Rodari who, in the prologue to a history of sports journalism by Biscardi himself, stated that these “… speaks of football as a test“.

From then on we all knew him and appreciated his courage, his organizational ability and his ability to centralize.

A very fond memory of his daughter Antonella, also a journalist and promoter of the award, in which he remembers that his father had always categorically opposed the idea of ​​taking a diction course because he believed that his Molise accent created a perception of authenticity and sympathy, and also for the deep love he had for his homeland.

During the conference, the human being values ​​that the categories chosen for the “Prize Aldo Biscardi in Communication and Sport “ they wanted to highlight and what they are, communication, culture and sport conceived as a social binder.

During the ceremony, judoka Maria Centracchio was awarded as the best athlete in Molise. While the awards for all other categories will be handed out in Rome in October, when the final ceremony of the event will take place.

Afterwards, the morning continued with a visit to the “Storico Aldo” museum located in the Palazzo Ducale itself and the presentation of the painting “Energy Choir”, a symbol of the prize of the painter Massimiliano Ferragina.

At the presentation of the “Aldo Biscardi Award for Communication and Sport “ Mayor Pino Puchetti spoke for the institutional greetings, followed by: Antonella Biscardi (President of the Award); Vincenzo Cimino (President of the Molise Association of Journalists); Cosimo Santimone (Vice President of Molise Odg); Vincenzo D’Angelo (president of Coni Molise); Nicola Lavagna (Vice President of Corecom); Andrea Nasillo (Aia Termoli); Pasqualino Raimondo (Vice President of FIGC Molise); the journalist Antonio Fatica. During the connection: Guido D’Ubaldo (President Odg Lazio); Andrea Paventi (Sky Journalist); Vincenzo Ciccone (National Councilor for the Order of Journalists); Valentina Ciarlante (president of Ussi Molise) and the first award-winning athlete Maria Centracchio.

Special thanks to the journalists of Molise and its president Vincenzo Cimino. The fellow journalists who took part in the meeting were able to acquire a training course useful for their profession.

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