A very British scandal is more than outrageous

After A very English scandal here comes another story of secrets, judgments, and the destruction of the perfidious Albion’s reputation, between elegant clothes, unleashed tabloids, and bringing out in the sunlight those dirty clothes, which have always formed a large part of the English narrative. tabloids. We had seen Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw tell us how Jeremy Thorpe found himself in the 70’s watching his political career and his life destroyed by his homosexuality. Now it is the turn of what was for a long time the most talked about divorce in contemporary English history, and which made the Dukes of Argyll the symbol of the crisis of a society incapable of facing its own hypocrisy. paternalism, masculinity and masculinity. gender violence. To play the two nobles, talkative and mundane, we find Paul Bettany and Claire Foy.

In three episodes we will understand the tormented and toxic nature of a relationship that was also the first real case of revenge pornography. It also confirmed the grave moral crisis facing His Majesty’s elite society, lost essentially in a world separate from reality, made up of incredible privileges, lust, pomp and amorality. A very British scandal lor it is a product of enormous quality, especially thanks to the two protagonists, simply extraordinary.

If we think that it could not be overcome A very English scandal, that it was impossible to imitate the extraordinary narrative construction, the perfect, rhythmic dialogues that illuminated an immoral and cruel universe, for Blueprint Pictures proved us wrong. Sarah Phelps has created a script curated to the millimeter, which allows Norwegian director Anne Sewitsky to create a series product of crystalline beauty, perfect for those times when ideological simplification offers us one-dimensional, predictable and incredibly repetitive characters.

A very British scandal It is a kind of sociological and above all psychological treatise on how and why British society has long been an incredibly toxic and aggressive prison for women, but for the concept of sentimental and personal freedom in general. Of course, the source material is quite powerful, the environment itself is full of suggestions and nuances. We are in England approaching the miniskirt revolution since the 1950s, but the change will not be so radical in its sudden as to erase its flaws, backwardness and the incredible rigidity of a country where still there are written and unwritten rules. .

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Being gay in England will only cease to be a crime in 1967, but being a woman will be a stain on one’s credibility for a long time to come, which perfectly symbolizes Claire Foy’s Margaret Campbell. It will probably be a sensation for many to see her disguised in a different role from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. The Crown. Her Margaret is a radically different character than one might expect, and Foy is very good at turning her into a sort of deconstruction of the concept of female heroine in modern storytelling. Endowed with a very strong personality, carefree in high society, rich, pampered, hungry for life and desires, different from the norm as her husband, however, she is above all very adept at destroying life and destroying it by to others. Yes, here she is both a victim and an executioner, even of herself, unable to put an end to one of the most toxic relationships that the small screen has given us in recent years. A very British scandal compared to the Thorpe series, it raises the bar, deconstructing the glamorous myth that even today is the fortune of England that speaks of itself, of that part of the aristocracy that seems to want to fight against normalcy, the passage of time, the world that changes.

Then there’s Paul Bettany. Amazing how he manages to make his Ian Campbell a wonderful variation on the subject of masculinity in an identity crisis, which feels threatened in its supremacy. But above all, chemistry with Foy is sensational, the ability with which they both overlap, unite and then move away, becoming the complementary union of two toxic narcissisms, the inability to love as a lack of empathy, actually faithful only to oneself. . Do they love each other? No. But they certainly feel the need for each other and vice versa, both from a practical point of view and to nurture the conflict, the mental violence that they both venerate. The double British morality immediately emerges, which must never be endangered in the eyes of the world. In doing so, he handed them over to the press, from a cruel and frivolous public opinion, which yesterday as today is absolutely incapable of avoiding the massacre game that Larrain is already in. Spencer this year he has described us. The manipulation, the lie, the betrayals, the greed of all material goods and pleasures, make up the path that will lead to both a judicial bank and one of the most talked about and emblematic divorces of the second postwar period, one more stone in the Lake. of a toxic and false environment. .

a very British scandal

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A very bright scandal It is basically the staging of a war and its origins, its consequences which of course will be very heavy for it, and much less for it, as a man, as an English man. There are no good or bad in this story, both are repulsive in the long run, and perhaps also the winning element of this incredibly sophisticated and aesthetically cured miniseries. Contrary to some television series and even film storytelling, the set is far from feminist rhetoric independently. His cynically surgical, cold gaze is able to be equidistant to make us understand that neither of us was on the good side, or at least better than the other. Perhaps the set will be difficult to use at the beginning for those who do not know the historical events in which it is inspired, but the test of the cast, the energy, the rhythm, are such that they will not leave indifferent, neither good nor bad that will make. we enter this world, inconsistent but bewitching. Now we can only hope that this second season, unofficial, Blueprint Pictures will make others follow. After all, the English aristocracy has provided us with dozens of scandals, we have many options.

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