Who are the Wall Street girls and how much did they earn?

“The Wall Street Girls” with Jennifer Lopez it’s not just a movie. The story told in 2019 in the director’s film Lorene Scafaria is inspired by a real story. The real ones Wall Street Girls, as in the movie, they were a group of nightclub dancers with a plan to rob the rich men who frequented the club. The story emerged in December 2015, when Jessica Pressler interviewed for the magazine New York Magazine the protagonists of the story. The women talked about the development of their plan, but also about the different reasons that had led them to act in this way.

The film carefully told the story of the Wall Street girls, drawing on the interview, the testimonies of classmates, and documents collected by the police, such as interrogations. Not everyone seems to have liked acting in cinema. Samantha Barbash, which inspired Ramona – the character played by Jennifer Lopez – is suing the production for damage to reputation. The woman asked $ 40 million in compensationmuch more than those who all together managed to extort the men who drugged and stole.

Others have thought of using the “fame” of the story and the interview in a different way, writing their own story and selling their truth behind the journalistic case. Those who have left prison today have tried to rebuild their lives. Wall Street girls have been scammed and made several thousand dollars, prolonging the business for a long time thanks to the fear of victims reporting that they have been “fucked” by women.

The girls on Wall Street: who are the women protagonists of the scam

It is not a common story of four women who, in order to overcome the financial crisis, have a plan to rob rich men. Such an evocative story that, when it hit theaters in 2015, it immediately inspired an imaginary of Modern Robin Hood. In 2019 he inspired the director Jessica Presslerwhich turned the story into a hit movie Jennifer Lopez.

But who is behind the roles played by famous actresses and singers? Some names, invented in the film, seem to correspond to the women in the story, others less so. Roslyn Keo, for example, was one of the gang leaders. Keo needed the money and for a long time stated that she was only involved for that need. The court found her guilty and forced her to serve 5 years probation (avoiding jail) for theft and attempted assault. Unlike others, Keo attended the premiere of the film and wrote a book about his experience entitled The sophisticated Hustler.

Samantha Barbash on the contrary, she was deceived by the film, for which she had refused to sign the use of her image. “It’s my story with which he makes money. If he wants to interpret me, he should have understood the real storyIt is Barbash’s critique of Lopez’s performance. The woman claimed she was never a stripper, but a stewardess. In any case, Barbash also avoided prison and now runs his own spa.

Karina Pascucci she is one of the women who has had the harshest consequences since the complaint. Pascucci was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison for theft and conspiracy. She and Marcy Rosen are the only ones sentenced to prison.

When did Wall Street girls win (and spend)?

The Wall Street strippers’ plan worked for a long time, taking advantage of the shame of the men who had stolen it. Wealthy men, married and with children, who had jobs and clean faces to stay like Dr. Younan, but refused to pay an account of $ 135,000. As a motivation he said he would never have spent so much and therefore he had been drugged and robbed.

The scam started to get worse, the complaints multiplied and finally the group of strippers and their collaborators (the place that housed them) were discovered. The charges against the women were theft, fraud, assault and conspiracy. In total they were accused of having stolen $ 200,000but many may not have reported the theft.

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