Trident Rally Sport Evolution for the brand

Pellizzaro and the Turkish Halfon, with the Peugeot 208 Rally 4, together with a Pirola that, from this third act of the CIRA, will begin its search for the Clio Trophy Italia.

Ranica (BG), June 16, 2022 – The first time control of the Rally della Marca 2022 and the third appointment with the Italian Asphalt Rally Championship, also valid for the ACI Sport Rally Cup in the third zone, is very much missing with increased coefficient. little thing, will see Rally Sport Evolution bring three colorists to the field, driven by different motivations to do well.
To open the trio, for the competition team based in Ranica, will be Marco Pellizzaro, again paired with Marco Melotti in a Peugeot 208 Rally 4 with which he has already been seen in action, good fourth in the Rally 4 category , in the previous act. from CRZ to Valpolicella.
Although he is not officially pursuing any championship this season, the Padua driver could take advantage of the maximum coefficient available, here at 1.5, to climb a provisional CRZ ranking that currently sees him in fifth place, less than ‘about twenty from the top.

“We are not following any particular championship,” says Pellizzaro, “and this will be the first time we will take part in this prestigious race. I am very curious to try two historical specials of Italian rallies like Monte Tomba and Cesen. The first test, in Valpolicella, was used to fix the wet adjustments. I hope I have to start from scratch with the assembly because it would be a smooth time. I’ve been working on rehearsal videos and they look very spectacular. We will compete with all the protagonists of the CIRA, tough opponents that make up the entire championship. We want to have fun but also to improve, race after race, as we have done for the last two years, bringing us great satisfaction. Thanks to those who allow me to cultivate this passion, first and foremost my partner Chiara and all my colleagues. “

The return of the tricolor of Eytan Halfon, in the notes of Fatih Burak Akcay, who will be part of the match with a Peugeot 208 R2, ready to break the ice in this new sporting year.
The fast Turkish driver, already seen in action last year with the Bergamo team’s cars, could be a loose cannon, capable of breaking the balance of the national series.
A brand that will also see the debut of Alberto Mario Pirola, flanked by Chiara Corso and aboard a Renault Clio Rally 5 with which he will begin his journey to the Clio Trophy Italy.
After losing the first round of Elban, the Milan driver will be forced to add the first points, trying to gain experience.

“I’ve never run the Marca,” says Pirola, “but I can say I’m not entirely new to these areas because I have a second home nearby. The specials of the Brand are very demanding and fast. We hope we can do well. We will be at the start of the Clio Trophy Italia but we are aware that, being our debut in the Renault Clio Rally 5, we will pay compared to the competition that has already taken place in Elba. We do not have great prospects for placement, we will welcome anyone who arrives. Skipping the first one we are already on the run so we hope to be able to add points. From the tests done with Claudio I would say that the car is reliable and fast. Thanks to Claudio and the whole team, I sewed a little. Now we’ll see how it goes. “

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