Valuing the past is the first step to looking to the future with confidence, optimism and the hope of meeting the greats of sport soon, to relive with them the emotions and dreams of business and adventure.

The evening “Face to face with the great sports” was born in 2005, from an idea of ​​Sergio Longoni, a lover of mountains and sports. Longoni had long cultivated the idea of ​​creating a meeting between enthusiasts, a moment of coexistence in the typical friendly atmosphere that reigns in his shops.

The great Walter Bonatti inaugurated the cycle, which over the years has become a traditional and inescapable event, with an evening that has been etched in memory.

Since that first event, more than two hundred have been organized, one more exciting than the other, to the last with Manolo in 2020: all the great athletes, prominent exponents, current or past, go go up to the df stage. Specialist in sports shops, starting with Bevera di Sirtori, a historic shop a stone’s throw from Lecco and its mountains, the heartbeat of events.

Turned into a true flagship of the company, the evenings “Face to face with the great sports” gave space to the history of the fascinating mountain world through its protagonists.

Not only mountain: as a great athlete, Sergio Longoni also invited to the evenings champions of cycling, running, swimming, explorers of the most inaccessible and distant territories.

Home athletes but also international guests: the testimonies of life, the stories of their sporting experiences have created moments of great emotion and involvement for the public, arousing anticipation and curiosity for the upcoming event.

The publication of the evenings, from 2005 to 2020, is divided into three volumes, and is collected in a box that will be honored to the protagonists and friends of the “house df Sport Specialist”.

“I am proud to present the complete collection of every night – says Sergio Longoni. It was a complex job, a real journey into the past that allowed us to relive with immense pleasure all the most beautiful and exciting moments, lived together with our public and all the great mountaineers and sportsmen who were invited to the shops … The collection – Longoni continues – is also a tribute to the sportsmen who were victims of unpredictable events during their adventures. affectionate, in memory of the great emotions that made us live during the appointments that were dedicated to them “.

The organization and success of the evenings is the result of a great team work that has been consolidated over the years, creating an increasingly rich and varied program.

The staff of each store, first the main stage of Bevera di Sirtori, then Lissone, Milan, Orio al Serio, Olgiate Olona, ​​Desenzano, Piacenza, Gerenzano, Bellinzago Lombardo, Bicimania Lissone and Legnano, hosted the evenings and with commitment and professionalism has always contributed to the success of each event.

Over the years a friendly and loving relationship has been created with many of the guests of the evenings which has brought them back to the df Sport Specialist stage for the story of new adventures.

Sergio Longoni’s secret dream has come true: the nights have become a beautiful reality, a meeting moment for lovers of the outdoors, an ever-growing and enthusiastic community at each new date .

Now the dream is to be able to start again: to rediscover those moments of serenity and lightness, as soon as the health situation allows, and to inaugurate the new cycle of evenings “Face to face with the great sports”.

“The program is ready – says Sergio Longoni: mountaineers and athletes are waiting for us who are eager to explain their latest feats. Our desire to leave and have you as our guests at our events is more alive than ever. While we wait for this moment, we are pleased to take you on a journey into the past: this collection is dedicated to all the people who made possible the creation of these unique and special events: the protagonists, our audience, the staff. , all together. united by the passion for sport that gives us energy and makes us dream “.

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