Those Brave Girls previews for today’s episode Thursday, June 16th

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Those Brave Girls the fourth episode of Sky and NOW Thursday June 16, where were Sandra Milo, Orietta Berti and Mara Moinchi?

Thursday, June 16th a new installment of Those good girls, the trip to Spain of Mara Maionchi, Orietta Berti and Sandra Milo (who, let us always remember, are 80, 78 and 88 years old respectively). The appointment, as well as in replication on Sky Uno, is available on demand on Sky and streaming on NOW.

They are accompanied by Alessandro, an Italian-Spanish guide, driver and driver who takes them with the colorful van that distinguishes this adventure. After knowing only at the last moment the destination of the trip, the three “girls” first discovered the beauties of Madrid, arrived in Seville where they danced flamenco, a trip to the desert to discover the oases, while tonight they arrive in Granada.

Those good girls the advancements of the fifth episode

In the fifth episode of Those good girls Mara, Sandra and Orietta Berti arrive in Granada where they find one waiting for them hot air balloon, and from there, flying over the rooftops of the Andalusian city at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, will have to carry out the new mission. But the journey from the top to Granada is more treacherous than expected and tests the courage of the girls. Will they all go up in a balloon?

Together with Alessandro the girls will have fun doing something shopping in Andalusia, then, in a new dream apartment where long talks (and rich breakfasts) can continue, but above all a new challenge, this time in the kitchen: holding pans and spoons, Mara, Sandra and Orietta will try their hand in the preparation of the traditional potato omelette. A professional chef will come to the kitchen to give advice to the girls, which of the 3 girls will be more skilled in the kitchen?

Where to watch the show?

Where to see those good girls? The program is a Sky Original produced with Blue Yazmine, born from an idea by Mara Maionchi. So these good girls are activated Sky UNO and Now Streaming with bets always available on demand. Surely the next TV season will also end clearly on TV8.

How the program works

As Mara posted on social media, Sandra and Orietta met at the airport for the trip. Those good girls. The cart, the ticket and the documents in hand are ready to embark on a flight that will take them to a destination unknown to them. A memorable holiday awaits you, constantly captured by the cameras that will capture every moment of the adventure of “Those good girls“, during which they will be called to face some tests, which will lead them to know habits, cultures and places far from them and that they will move. always on board a very special van.

At each stage they will have to complete missions and once finished they will have to take a selfie. They will find themselves dancing flamenco, in a Spaghetti Western scene, aboard a hot air balloon, meeting a strange superhero.

The stages of the journey

Only at the airport did the three “girls” know that their trip was to Spain. They landed a Madrid they will visit, among others, the Barceló market and the Plaça Major. Then, after the capital, they will move first to Seville, then in the desert of Tabernas, in Granada and finally in Valencia.

All this will allow the 3 “good girls” to get to know customs, cultures and places far away from them but above all to allow themselves a truly memorable holiday: they will eat paella and tapas and stroll through the most famous streets of Madrid. living them by day and “at night”, they will try on the most traditional clothes of Spanish culture, discover secret local customs, even go wild in a rock concert.

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