The former mayor of Trebaseleghe, Lorenzo Zanon, becomes an honorary citizen of Vedelago

“Without words”: this is the excited and surprised reaction with which Professor Lorenzo Zanon welcomed last night -Saturday, June 11- the news of having been awarded the honorary citizenship of Vedelago (TV). “I am rarely in a position to be speechless,” said Lorenzo Zanon to the wide audience of The Best There is, his family and close friends. I can only be grateful: one by one I recognize the people behind this recognition which for me represents a surprise but also a pride for which I will do my best to live this citizenship with honor ”.


A shared recognition that the mayor of Vedelago, Cristina Andretta, together with the minor mayor Benedetta Andreazza, of the Municipal Council of Girls and Boys, wanted to communicate and share during the event “The best there is” dedicated to the celebration of the vedelaghesi talents. . The proposal to officially introduce Professor Zanon to the community of Vedelago was, in fact, launched by the Municipal Council of Girls and Boys: the mayor immediately liked the idea, so he decided to start the process to to honorary citizenship. The proposal was then examined by the Honorary Committee, which gave a favorable opinion, and subsequently, on 1 June, it was put on the agenda of the Municipal Council of Vedelago and was voted unanimously by all councilors, majority and minority. A plebiscite confirming the affection, esteem and gratitude for a figure of reference for the community.


Zanon is 64 years old, the father of three children and from 2009 to 2019 he was mayor of Trebaleseghe (PD), where he was born and lives with his family. He has been teaching religion for nearly 30 years at Vedelago High School where he met hundreds of children, many of whom have become adults. Among them, the mayoress herself, Cristina Andretta. The award is motivated by the fact that Professor Zanon is not only a teacher who does his job well, but also a pedagogue, an example, a guide and a reference for children for several generations.


The mayor, Cristina Andretta, comments: “For years, your commitment has gone beyond your homework. In fact, he is the author of numerous projects aimed at young people, also in collaboration with the Feltre Dream Museum and its director and mentor, Aldo Bertelle. He founded, coordinated and grew the Council of Boys, is the creator of the Fair of good news that these days is attracting the attention of guests from all over Italy and abroad. It has helped to promote culture and civic sense in our community, it is a beautiful bridge between the school, social services, the municipality and the community and therefore has contributed to the promotion of Vedelago. His dedication and passion, his positive spirit, his empathy, especially with the children, make him a special person who – with honor and emotion – we welcome in our community. Welcome to our community, prof. Zanon “.

town hall

This is the reflection of the boys and girls of the Municipal Council of Girls and Boys: “Professor Zanon is an attractive person, open to boys, innovative, alternative, confident, helpful, tireless and determined. He is a teacher who supports (of all kinds) his students, is characterized by excellent goodwill when it comes to creating relationships with students, is very adept at involving the class during classes. At school he manages to create a serene and collaborative atmosphere. He loves and dedicates himself intensely to his work and in the same way he actively participates in the life of the community. He is a real and honest person who seeks beauty in everything. He is able to convey his emotions and let out ours, to stimulate in each one the creation of his own critical thinking and to grasp the positive aspects of each one. The teacher. Zanon cares, protects us, is especially interested in us in this delicate period of our lives: adolescence.

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