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NERVESA OF THE BATTLE – “Now it is becoming a fact, in Nervesa it is increasingly difficult to do sports. It is not just a matter of results or performance, what is missing is the social aspect that generates and cultivates sports activity”: This is the alarm sounded. per Aria Nuova civic list for Nervesa. With the end of the pandemic emergency, the group began to meet again in person after more than two years of online meetings and the debate emerged that the issue of sport in the municipality is a priority .

“He withdrawal from the 5-a-side football championship of the A2 Series of Atlético Nervesa it’s just the last chapter of a sad story. The futsal team that bore the name of the national team had to leave the championship in December 2021: behind it were certainly reckless decisions of the management, but the truth is that Nervesa has lost another piece sports – the members of the Aria Nuova continue. Nervesa Group -. In addition, for almost three years, the country has lacked the football movement, after the transfer of the sports title to Treviso, leaving a gap that, despite the announcements and rumors, has not yet been filled. The political responsibilities of the municipal administration are enormous and at least denote an amateurish approach to the overall management of the whole affair. We will stop here but there will be a way to return to the subject as the fans (but not only) have not digested the inglorious end of Nervesa Calcio at all ”.

But also the Nervesa basketball would have obvious difficulties: “After stopping the first team it seems difficult to continue only with the youth sector but at least in the summer basketball camps have been announced. Not only team sports but also individual and the so-called” minors “It seems that they are not allowed to breathe. if there are no internal stimuli but above all external ones “, the organizers wrote on Facebook.

The only disciplines that seem to be in “good health” are volleyball, amateur basketball, and activities HOF Sports Center, although, activists of the civic list of Aria Nuova continue: “It must be said that in this case there are the enormous sacrifices of a private structure and perhaps it would be appropriate to start thinking in terms of public utility given the services The need and prospects are to revive sport in Nervesa based on the few positive examples, to revitalize the country on the one hand and to rediscover society after the pandemic by the other. ” The group also calls for attention to youth activities, to give children and adolescents the opportunity to have an outing or a hobby.

“Listening to the voice of the citizens, we reasoned about sports in Nervesa. It is objectively a problem and is at the top of our priorities – is the unanimous voice of the group Aria Nuova for Nervesa which is represented by Davide Daniel in the town hall. – We are talking mainly about the lack of football and in three years of proclamations in fact little or nothing has been done, leaving a gap that harms both children and adults who went to the stadium on Sunday to support the biancoblù. We observed, however, a more general disinterest in sport that was severely affected during the pandemic but there is also no effort on the part of the administration to give a new impetus to this movement and therefore revive society and , consequently, all the common. As for us, our commitment on these issues will undoubtedly continue for the next administrative elections as well. In fact, we will work for a civic list that includes the citizens and all the forces available to awaken Nervesa ”.

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