The 58th Fideuram Private Banker Rowing Club has been introduced

To do the honors of the house President of the Club Raffaele Condemi. Also present at the table Casina Vice President Luciano Crea, Sports Vice President Arnaldo Giudice, Sports Minister Giorgio Maucci.

“Also this year for the fifty-eighth time the Lazio Rowing Club is proposed in the city of Rome with its Coppa dei Canottieri – emphasizes the President of the Lazio Rowing Club Raffaele Condemi – also enriched with tennis this year. In this edition, then, we will compete with the historic clubs of the capital of football, paddle, tennis and teqball in what is increasingly becoming a kind of mini-Olympics for the city of Rome. We are honored that this year Fideuram is our titular sponsor, there are many other friends who, as always, have wanted to support us in this splendid adventure that is now an inescapable event for the city of Rome. We are organizing very well, we are really happy for this Cup to start but especially for the Aniene Rowing Club to participate again, which for me is essential because among other things I am also a member of this Club. This year we want to do a tournament in the name of friendship, we thought it was less important to think about the rules and more about human values ​​like peace and solidarity, we will try to play and challenge each other without forgetting what Unfortunately it’s happening soon. distance from Italy “.

“My first thanks on behalf of Rome City Council go to the sponsors – the words of Alessandro OnoratoCouncilor for Major Events, Sports, Tourism and Fashion of the Municipality of Rome – because without the support of companies, initiatives like these would not be possible. I can’t wait to come enjoy the show because I’ve realized that there’s a healthy spirit of competition. These are beautiful things that characterize the social aspect of our city: there are contrasting colors and everyone has their own, including me. It is important for us as the Municipality of Rome to be here, for next year we will study a symbolic contribution to further stimulate this great participation also because if we have reached the 58th edition it is clear that there is an important historicity. I’m happy with the power I have because dealing with sports, fashion and tourism in the most beautiful city in the world is the best. “

“Fideuram is also characterized by its support for cultural and sports activities – he explained Giuseppe Baiamonte, Fideuram Area Manager and the Canottieri Cup in Rome, a competition characterized by sports loyalty and the desire to be together, fully corresponds to the values ​​that characterize our network of professionals. We also feel especially close to a competition that has reached its 58th edition: we at Fideuram, with our 54 years of activity, are practically the same age ”.

PARTICIPATING CIRCLES: the participating clubs will be 9 (CC Lazio, CC Roma, RCC Tevere Remo, CC Aniene, Corte dei Conti, TC Parioli, CT Eur, Sporting Eur, Villa Flaminia).

“BABBO VALIANI” TROPHY.: is the trophy awarded to the club that achieves the best overall result by adding the points of the different categories and is dedicated to one of the fathers of the discipline Gustavo “Babbo Valiani”. The trophy at the beginning of each edition is returned to the parent company, CC Lazio, to be reassigned and retained for one year by the winning club. CC Lazio is the holder of the trophy.

LIVE GAME: thanks to the agreement with MY Soccer Player, all 5 football matches will be broadcast live on Facebook, with comments, for a video service that is added to the highlights broadcast late the next day by Corriere dello Sports television.

PADEL: not just football 5 because right next to the “Fossa” will be held the sixth edition of the Paddle Rowing Cup, reserved only for the category Over 35, won in 2021 by TC Parioli.

TEQBALL: a sport that combines elements of football and table tennis. It is played on a curved table, the players hitting a ball with any part of the body except with their arms and hands as happens in football. Last year for the Over 35 victories of Tiber Remo while for the Under 35 of Canottieri Lazio.

TENNIS: for the first time the Canottieri Cup will feature tennis alongside football, teqball and paddle. The 8 historic circles of the capital will compete for the final victory by crossing the rackets through doubles matches. Only the fourth categories will be able to participate and precisely each challenge will see a couple with a rating not exceeding 4.3 and a couple with a rating not exceeding 4.1. The eventual double playoff will see a pair with a ranking of 4.1 that has not yet been deployed.





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Thanks to the sponsors:
Fideuram Private Banker (sponsor of the event), Barbados, The Best Rent, Istituto del Credito Sportivo, Nuova Villa Claudia, Mysp, Corriere dello Sport.

Friends of the Cup
Alos, Cbill, Codini Law Firm, Conforti Pharmacy, Acqua Cottorella, Nuova Forum Impresa, Soddu Assicurazioni Generali, Maxa Engineering, Enoteca Peluso, Mancini Re Immobiliare, Sportkinetic physiotherapy and sports medicine, Sportclub.

Under the auspices of:
CONI, Sport and Health, Municipality of Rome, Lazio Region, MSP Italy.

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