Spes Artiglio can rejoice. Carlopio kills Pro Calcio in the first game

ARPA SPES Iacovelli 6, Dezzi 6, Carfora 6.5 (11th Giuliano 6), Gaeta 6, Pierini 6.5, Angher 6.5, Berardi 6.5, Spanish 6.5, Carlopio 7 (35th Spaziani sv), Rizzotti 6 (28th Petrini sv), Camposeo 6 (21’st Battle 6.5) PARK BENCH D’Aguanno, Palmieri COACH Carnicella

PRO SOCCER TOR SAPIENZA De Chiara 6,5, Rossi 6 (10th Posati 6), Di Sano 6 (25th Luisi sv), Puglia 6, Nuccilli 5,5 (10th De Santis 6), Ciuferri 6, Tosi 6 (8th Napolitano 5,5), De Felice 6 (18 ‘Fini 5,5), D’Ambrogi 6, Federico 6, Roscino 5,5 (8’ Casarella 6) PARK BENCH Bilotta, Marinangeli, Soma COACH Cannizzo

MARKERS Carlopio 13’pt

NOTES Expelled Federico, direct red for the protests (S) Ammonites Angher, Bernardi Angoli 3-4 Offside 1-0 Rec 1’pt – 4’st

The dances also open in group A for the Massimo Romagnoli Memorial, with Spes Artiglio and Pro Calcio Tor Sapienza in the Via Boemondo field. Carnicella’s team won, beating the rivals of the day by measure, starting the test in the best possible way. The first to be seen are the hosts, Carlopio makes a good play to free himself, loads his right hand, directing it too much for the mirror. The same striker tries again a few seconds later, but this time the touch is less dangerous, with De Chiara controlling it as he parades alongside. The Biancazzurri seem to have more at the beginning, so much so that Berardi seeks the door with a foul from twenty meters, flying over the crossbar. By pushing the boys of Carnicella continue. When we approach the eleventh Carfora proposes a beautiful ball in the middle, De Chiara intervenes in a disorderly manner without blocking the ball and thus allowing Carlopio to turn the net from a favorable position for the advantage of his. Shortly afterwards, the yellow-green extreme defender was partially redeemed, coming out well ahead of Berardi. The duel between Carlopio and De Chiara resumed in the 22nd minute, but the visiting goalkeeper was fine to block the striker’s conclusion after dribbling Ciuferri. De Chiara remains the last bastion, avoiding a heavier passive for the yellow-green. First he is providential on Camposeo when removing the ball from the feet of the number 11 that has tried to discard it; then he makes his nth attempt at Carlopius his own. The first part is a monologue by the hosts. In the 29th minute, the Spaniard draws a perfect foul on Bernardi’s head, the end stands out above all without framing the mirror. The first guest ring comes half an hour later, Federico runs away from the barter and then lets go of a nice right, central to Iacovelli. The inertia seems to turn in the final part of the fraction, after a blow to the area the ball Tosi arrives, the lateral one is rejected first by the local doorman, soon it tries it again after to have skipped a rival, but fails to score well. towards the goal. In the second half the music seems to change considerably, and at the beginning Cannizzo’s team begins to settle permanently in the middle of the Spes field. After seven minutes of development of the lineup, the biancazzurra defense complicates life on its own, but neither De Felice nor Federico manage to repeat on the net from two steps, with the rearguard saved in the last thanks too to the intervention of Iacovelli. . Artiglio does not stop but tries to hurt with solutions from a distance. De Chiara, however, is good at lying down and blocking the Spanish shot, then she can only pray with her eyes for Anghe’s missile to end up next to her. The match continues under a substantial imbalance, the hosts try to manage, the visiting team, on the other hand, is constantly looking for a hole for the tie. In the half hour it was Puglia who settled alone, shooting from outside the area after a corner, the power is there but lacks precision, without finding the goal of Iacovelli. Shortly before the recovery Federico flies into the penalty area, deflects a defender, only touches the post of Spes with his right hand, making an excellent opportunity to finish off. In the final nothing happens, Artiglio protects the result, taking home the first three points in the group’s game.

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